Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Biathlon'05

This is my second year participating in the Singapore Navy Biathlon, my first was last year's event held at Sentosa. This year's race was held for the first time at East Coast Park(beside the Bedok Jetty) instead of Sentosa.

The new swim and run route here were oppositely different from Sentosa. The new venue require participants to swim in the open sea facing the true elements from mother nature.But the new 10km run route is boringly flat.

The swim portions described by even some of this year's winners as " tough and challenging". For weak swimmer like myself who swim no more than 10 times a year, the degrees of difficulties multiplied many folds.
The swim was my longest non-stop swim distance that I ever covered. Due to the undersea-current, choppy wave,murky sea and inability to locate the bouys, the swim distance of 1.5km was extended to more than 2km as I swam blindly zig-zag toward the bouys and the finish exit. My total swim time was 42 minutes compare to last year's 20 minutes for 1.5km swim, more than double the time taken. Although, I was tired and drained by the open sea swim,I achieved a new personal distance record. I am confident that these experiences will prepare me better for next year's race.

As for the 10km run, my tired legs and the hot-blazing sun ensure a slow time for me even when the route is flat. My run time includes the change-over was 57minutes. I completed the race in total time of 1hr 39minutes 13seconds. I am disappointed with my poor run time. But a brighter note, it may be much easier to make significiant improvement for next year's race with the experiences gained.

I shall be back for Singapore Navy Biathlon 2006 and will improve my performance significiantly......

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Anonymous said...

Hi bro, thans for sharing with us ur experience..

Any news of the upcoming Sg navy Bi in march 2006?

Btw, safra offers prep clinics on preparation. Check it out @ http://www.safra.org.sg/happenings/activities.shtml

take care dude!
Keep up e Bi!


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