Thursday, March 31, 2005

Speedworks vs High Mileages

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There is an interesting and active ongoing discussions on this subject in the MR25 Forum. To improve and better one's time for Half or Full Marathon, should we do more Speedworks or Higher Mileage works?
My target for Singapore Marathon this Year is to do a 3hrs 45mins race. I completed my first marathon'04 @ 4hrs 21mins, second (KL marathon'05) @4hrs 2mins. As such, I must cut at least 17 mins, to achieve the objectives. Mileage works have helped me to complete both marathon, i still think it is very relevant for me to LSD(long slow distance) during the weekend to build endurance.
How can I include speedworks to my weekdays runs? What kind of intensity or duration?
Here are some of the advices given by people who are vets runners and still going strong:-
* Teck Heng> "do more speedworks and train in more extreme conditions..." meaning run faster in hot blazing sun often.
* Chwee Teck> "do more Hill works"
* Female Cyclist> " competitive cycling helps builds Hamstrings.."
Now, what will works for me and my present level of fitness? Hill-works, interval runs, Fartlek and anythings Fast and Furious....
I will research them and hopefully find a routine of the above speedworks cocktails that suits me toward my objective.. faster and stronger... Will report the findings in April.

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