Sunday, April 03, 2005

MR25 5Km Time Trial

MR25's 5km Time Trial is a bi-monthly event. The route of the 5km run starts from the Zig-Zag Bridge through the usual nature trail and made a U-turn at 2.5km mid-point(just before the trail exit to Lornie road} and back to the Zig-Zag bridge. The ladies can make a slightly earlier U-turn at 2.4km near the exercise post. To qualify as a member of MR25 club, he/she must completed the run within 25minutes. Many existing members used the trial race to better their 5km timings and guage their own level of Fitness.

This Sunday is the second MR25 Time Trial for the year and will be my first run. What are my thoughts? With great reluctance, i still remember pains after last year's time trial. I can't describe it better than our Great, Selfless and Well- respected Coach Derek's comments: " Come and experience the pain again. Its up there above childbirth, marathon running......and.....I may even do it myself! "
The sky suddenly opened up around 3pm and began to rain cats and dogs. Maybe, this is an excuse to skip the suffering. But, i know that i must make use of the this trial to guage my current level of fitness and it will be invaluable yardstick for my upcoming speedworks routines. When i left for Macritchie at 4.15pm, it was still raining.
On arrival15minutes later, the rain stopped and the sky began to clear. At the Zig-Zag bridge,large crowd of runners already beginning to gather there. Another special event was also being held by Nike to showcase their latest shoe models specially for MR25 members and also allow runners to test out their shoes during the run.(models includes New Pegasus, Air Zoom Elite, Air Skylon, Nike "Free"-their latest shoe for "barefoot strengthening" and more... ) I picked the Air Zoom Elite and put them on for the run. I managed to do some short warm runs before our club's president called us to the starting line. After a short briefing, more than 60 runners were flagged off. As expected, the trail was very wet,slippy and muddy after such a heavy downfalls. The brand-new comfortable Nike's shoes that i was trying out, were soon covered in muds and drenched. Despite of the messy conditions of the trail, the run was nice and cool. Also, Smooth as the route was clear of other casual joggers and dodging skills were not put to use. I reached the 2.5km U-turn in11mins 48secs and finished the run in 23mins 34sec. I am satisfied with my finishing times especially in such wet conditions.

Alex,one of MR25's elite runner top the group with 17+minutes finish. Alvin was a few seconds (23mins28sec)ahead of me. Evelyn, did well in 23mins 50sec with assistance of a young pretty pacer.( Hi Evelyn, maybe you can T/loan your pretty pacer to pace me in the next TT. With her dragging me along, sure made PBs)
By the way, Coach Derek did run, and i think he took 21minutes to complete. ( No report of newly-born baby found abandon along the trail after the run).Good Efforts and Well Done. Everyone!!!!

What my thoughts after the run? Surprisingly,i feel good and in fact looking forward to the next TT on 5th June. By this date, i would have put in 8 weeks of some forms of speedworks. We shall meet again in June .

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