Thursday, April 21, 2005

My New "DO Running" Routines

Beach Running
One of my "DO Running" goal for this year is to be a Stronger and Faster Runner . The other more objective and important goal is to complete December's Singapore Marathon in 3hr 45mins.
" If you want to race fast, you have to train fast."
Thus, i was reading all and everything about the different forms of Speedworks .( Interval Runs, Hill Running, Tempo Running, Fartlek and more...). For the last 2 weeks, i have posted articles detailing the benefits , objectives and the correct methods of each form of Speedworks. Besides the reading, I tried out them at the running track and MacRitchie's trail routes. Below are my individual thoughts and findings on them:-

1)Interval Running - I experimented with both short interval runs ( 100m, 200m, 400m) and longer runs (800m and 1200m). I found to be hard and energy-sapping, and do not enjoy the repetitive" run fast and furious then stop" involved in the routines. I think that i will leave pure Interval Runs to the Elite runners.

2)Hill Running and Fartlek - I love and enjoy these two forms of running, they allow you the freedom to varies the pace and develop self-awareness in your running.But it is very difficult to do them when you are breathing exhaust fumes , dodging people/traffic and sudden braking at traffic lights.

3)Tempo Running - it is a must for improving an runner's ability to run at fast paces for long periods of time while improving efficiency and mechanics and injecting a massive boost of confidence.

Two simple principles are my guides when deciding my speedwork training routines during the weekday:
1) the speedworks must complement the distance mileage training.
2) the type of workouts must suit me both physiologically and psychologically

Although, i will enjoy Hill and Fartlek Running, but will be difficult to implement them in my weekday's run routines (at the stadium's track) as there is no hilly terrains and trails near where i reside. I decided to do a simple "DO Fartlek" at the stadium's track which involved running at faster pace on track and then do my recovery jogging on the grass beside the running track. (coz, i just enjoy feel of running on grass)

My new running routines will be as follows:-

Tuesday -Steady Pace, Recovery Run 45mins -90mins ( depend body's conditions)

Wednesday -10mins Warm-Up Run/ 20-25mins Tempo Run@ my 5km pace /10mins Cool-Down Run

Thursday -10minsWarm-Up Run/ 25-35mins"DO Fartlek" / 10mins Cool Down Run

Sunday -LSD Run, 20-30km

I hope the inclusion of these two simple form of speedworks will made me a Stronger and Faster Runner.

"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." - Doug Larson

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