Saturday, April 23, 2005

Run Safely


Fellow Malaysian's Runner Jamie reported that" one of their club's top woman marathoner, Jenny Lim, had been struck down by a car and was in serious condition. Apparently she'd been running around the Section 17 area and was heading towards the KLCC when the accident happened. Jenny was struck down in a hit-and-run case from the back and is suffering from multiple fractures to her cheek bone, shoulder, hip and a few more places. Passers-by helped to call the ambulance."

Hi Gang, please look out for your own safety when you are running on the road. Here are some road safety guidelines highlighted by Jamie:-

1)Run against traffic flow -While it does not guarantee your safety, at least you can watch the oncomings.
2)Wear light colour clothing-White caps and white tops will add visibility.

3)Wear Reflective Gear-Rank running gear with reflective strips higher in the shopping list. Many shoes (most models) and clothing (especially Nike's) have incorporated Scotchlite and 3M strips. Consider also taping additional strips to the vest or wearing an additional safety bib.
4)Lose the earphones-I'm not a fan of wearing earphones during my runs. It's not that I don't like the music but the cables and the MP3 unit itself tends to get in the way. More importantly, you can't hear oncoming traffic (especially from behind) or other dangers (such as muggers and dogs). We need all our senses to be on the alert.
5)Clear the Danger Zones quickly-If there are certain dangerous stretches and if you can't circumvent/avoid them, run quickly past these areas. Don't linger around longer than it's required.

(Better still avoid Danger Zones Totally)

Please use your common sense and run safely.......

We are pleased to learn that " Jenny's internal bleeding has also been stopped. Typical of her strength she's cheery despite the pain and setback." and we pray for her speedy recovery.

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Not jogging in Malaysia also helps


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