Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Straight Talks on Training


Do we really need to spend $500 for a High Tech Gizmos such HRM(heart rate monitors) to train more efficient?
Or overwhelmed and confused by modern technical jargons such Vo2max,POD, lactic acid system...

Can we still train by the old fashion way with a good pair of cushioned shoe and simple watch with laps timings?

I found Arthur Lydiard's articles on Training in the old ways indeed refreshing and simple to understand.....

Example: "The Lydiard training system is based on a balanced combination of aerobic and anaerobic running. Aerobic running means running within your capacity to use oxygen. Everyone, according to his or her physical condition, is able to use a limited amount of oxygen each minute. With the right kind of exercise, you can raise your limit.
The maximum limit is called the "Steady State", the level at which you are working to the limit of your ability to breathe in, transport, and use the oxygen. If you exceed this limit, the exercise becomes anaerobic. When this happens, your body's metabolism changes to supply the oxygen you need to supplement the amount of oxygen you are breathing in. This re-conversion process has limits, so the body is always limited in its anaerobic capacity. When you run anaerobically, you incur what is called "oxygen debt". Oxygen debt is accompanied by the build-up of lactic acid and other waste materials, which in turn leads to neuro-muscular breakdown, or simply, tired muscles that refuse to work. Oxygen debt has the unfortunate feature of doubling, squaring, and then cubing as you continue to run anaerobically.
In other words, the faster you run, the greater your need for oxygen to continue running becomes."

Do you find the above explanations easier to comprehend? If you appreciate the Straight Talks and Trainings the good old ways by this well respected Vets Runner, you can click on this LINK

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