Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday's LSD Run

Woke up late this morning and had a quick breakfast of 4 slices of peanut butter jam wholemeal breads with a cuppa of Nescafe coffee instead of my normal Milo. ( out of pre-mixed Milo pac)

Started my run from home to MacRitchie(MR) at 5.55am. Shortly into the run near Chuan Park, I felt slight stomach discomforts (but still bearable) and continue my slow early morning run. Reached MR a few minutes slower usual and chatted with Alvin and Aik Hock . Like the rest of the MR25runner, we started our run at about 7.00am through the Northern Trail route toward Upper Pierce Reservoir( normal 15/20/25km route )
My Stomach discomforts felt much worse and started to feel nausea. About 3km into the run, i told Alvin and Aik Hock about my conditions and asked to proceed on while i try to walk out the discomforts.
After emerging out the North Trail, i turned left toward Sime Track Trail which is a shorter 10km route . When i reached the newly built Ranger Hut, decided to check out the place for the first time( passed the hut many times but never drop-in ). Found a brand new Water-Cooler there, took many mouthfuls of the cold and refreshing water from its tap. Started a friendly conversation with the Park Ranger, and managed to convince him to give me his last copy of new MR brochure with latest map. After this short distraction and the revitalising water, i slowly jogged back to the MR carpark . I even managed to do 2.4km Tempo Run from Exercise Station at Lornie trail to Zig-Zag bridge in 11mins 20secs. Reached the MR lower carpark at 8.20am, the other MR25 runners still not back from 20/25km run....

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