Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Urgent Call of Nature

"I didn't really want to resort to that in front of hundreds of thousands of people. But, basically, I needed to go."

The British marathon champion Paula Radcliffe has sparked a furious, if hushed, debate on manners by going to the toilet midway through the London Marathon in front of millions of TV viewers around the world.
Radcliffe, who broke British hearts when she tearfully dropped out of the Athens Olympic marathon last year, shocked viewers and commentators alike when she pulled over to the side of the road and crouched.

"When you've got to go, you've got to go,"....... I am sure many runners will share this view but in front of TV!!!! .... i am not so suuuure......

1 comment:

cowboy caleb said...

Dude, cannot publish this pic on Tomorrow... because got adult elements in it.

Sorry hor. Do submit more stories though, ok!

I look forward to your next post.


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