Friday, May 20, 2005

MIM Mile Race Results


The track was wet and slippy after the heavy downpour. As expected, the finishings for races were all very close especially the men's vets.... Mark Dyson pipped Donald by a swing of an arm (this leggy ang-moh have far longer limps, lah...) Their lap time average 75sec and in the excitment i forget that actual finishing time ( but it's 4mins++)
Men's Open was won by "hard case" Zhi Yong in 4mins 27sec, an amazing time considering the conditions.
Women event was won by Kirsten Conrad, a new MR25 member overtook Pauline, J.J, Renuka and others.( again i don't have the actual times)

DO says " Sorrrry, for the incomplete report as i was busy doubling as our Offical Cameraman's assistant to ensure his photo-equipments are safe from wet elements (holding a huge umbrella and trying to shelter the hyper-active and fast pace photographer, Teck Heng is a very difficult task.....) while absorbing the excitements and thrills of the fast and furious races. Hope someone can provide the full details of the races.... For me, all the runners are winners as they are up against the best of MR25 and the unyielding forces of mother-nature..... My Salute..."

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