Thursday, May 19, 2005

MIM Mile Race

Today's MIM Mile Race for MR25 members only is at SMU's Track,7pm.

Men - Open 1st - 3rd (split S$ 400/200/100)
Ladies - Open 1st - 3rd (split S$ 400/200/100)
Men - Vets 1st - 3 rd (split S$ 400/200/100)
** Trophy for 1st place in each category***
Please note that a VETERAN is someone 40yrs plus on race day.Merely looking old does not count.

Coach Derek: " Today is the big Event. Lets hope Michael has got his hands on the prize money! Seriously, its a very generous contribution to the annual calendar, an event that is now a permanent fixture thanks to Michael and one that generates bags of excitement and enthusiasm. Why, I even heard that Donald was down the track onTuesday! Secret Trainer extraordinaire!!A few of the girls and some of the guys have been building up to this over the past few months, taking part in SAAA meetings and Masters events so there are some of you in fine shape. Unfortunately I believe a few of the girls wont be able to make it on the night bu tthe Women's will still be an exciting race. The Men's open will be the usual tense, hard fought affair. Kien Mau, Steven Lim and AlexTay ..have looked great in training recently but when you're up againstChee 'Hard Case' Yong then they now they will have to be at their best. I can't wait!The Men's Vets will also have added interest as Michael has redistributed the Prize Money. If anyone has been watching Mark Dyson lately then try not to fall out with him between now and then, hecould be buying the beer! But then what has Donald been up to?"

DO says " All the best to the racers, many of us will be down at the Track to support and witness the most exciting and speedy race event ......"

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