Sunday, May 01, 2005

MR25 20km Progressive Run

The route starts at MacRitchie Reservoir Lower Carpark
toward Northern Trail route -> road heading to S'pore Island Country Club House -> cut through fringe of SICC golf course ->Upper Peirce Reservoir > 300m from Upper Pierce's Toilet turn left into "Air Con" road -> U-Turn at Pump Station Gates
-> Turn left to Upper Peirce Reservoir Main Gates -> U-Turn at the Main Gates and back to MR's 10km route-> Ranger office -> Sime Track Trail->Lornie Trail-> MacRitchie Reservoir Lower Carpark.
I was hesitant about the doing this morning 20km P.Run. I am experiencing occasional sudden ticklish pains from my right ankle area for the whole of this week. Still unable to isolate the source of the problem, whether they are from the stresses on the ankle's bones or the blood vessel problems . My worry is the pain is early sign of major bone / ankle injury.My plan for the run was to take it easy and stop my run if necessary.

The P.Run started 7.00am sharp, it was a brisk pace run leaded by the stronger MR runners. Although, i tried to hold back my pace, it was still faster than my normal LSD run. Luckily,I completed my run without developing major discomforts ( at the back of the pack in 2hr 5mins) Sorrrry, need to cut short this entry as there is this irritating persooon, pressure me to do a marathon mahjong session now.

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