Friday, May 06, 2005

Staying Young

Staying young: A balanced approach to exercise can avert ageing
Emma Hill discovers

Have you ever noticed how marvellous women who do yoga look? Their skin is smoother and their expression free of the knots seen in most women over 35. It can't just be about good genes.

Marathon runners, on the other hand, often look older than they are. ''People who do a lot of running use an enormous amount of calories and fluids,'' says fitness guru Matt Roberts, who has worked with Sandra Bullock, Sting and Trudi Styler. ''The need to regenerate and refuel is so great and rapid that any fluctuation in supply can make people look gaunt.''
Yoga is an altogether more soothing exercise. The deep breathing, stretching and concentration make it incredibly calming, which does wonders for frown lines. The yoga lifestyle is also youth-enhancing. ''Generally, people who do yoga look after themselves in other ways,'' says Roberts. ''Their approach to food, for example, is more healthy.''
The trick is striking a balance - combines resistance exercise (light, free weights and high repetitions) with core training. Taking parts of yoga, Pilates and dance, he works with women well past their twenties. ''It's not a traditional muscle workout, but you have some elements of that,'' says Hirsch

Yoga: soothing exercise
The key to exercising to look young is increasing blood circulation without exhausting yourself. Roberts says moderate aerobic activity four or five times a week works the cardiovascular system "to a level where it improves circulation and feeds the skin cells''. And healthier skin means younger looks.

DO says : " It looks like i must the master the art of Yin /Yang Running (increasing blood circulation ) without exhausting meself.... Must get Kevin to teach me 'Qing Kong' Running lah ........"


lancerlord said...

My blood circulation increased just by looking at the soothing Yoga excercise. :)

The Lonely Runner said...

No wonder my hair are getting whiter and dropping each day. Too much running make me look old. I don't mind looking old and matured. Rather than old and immatured! heh!

DO said...

Lancerlord, thanks for dropping-by. Dun exhaust yourself too much and will started looking old.

TO TLR, wondering what FD will think when you start to looking like old-blad-fat man.. take care.


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