Monday, May 09, 2005

Sunday's ThunderStorm

thunder storm
Woke up by the Roaring of thunders this morning. I peeked at the clock on the side-table, it was already 5am and time to get ready for Sunday's LSD. Went to the window and saw the lightning flashing continuously lighting up the dark sky, and decided to return back to my slumberland.
I had a difficult time getting sleep last night, and only managed to drift back into dreamland at about 3am. No thanks to my new neighbour who started one of their regular heated arguments close to midnight and lasted about 2 hours before it quieten down. ( their 5-6 quarrel since they moved next door in January.) Sadly, when the parent quarrrelled, their two young kids would also cried and pleaded to adult to stop. Just hope these two adults will settle their problems and differences for the sake of their young children....

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