Friday, June 10, 2005

Golden Boys! O'ya!

TheLonelyRunner said :" .......Inside the rota, there are a number of Golden Boys. Golden boys are those who I categorise them under the age of above 40."

DO says : " TLR! excuse mE !! I have been called many names or labels ( some nice and nasty ones) in my four decades.... But, still labeled as a Golden Boy(GB) when one has crossed the 40 years Line!!!! For "Golden Babies", those below age below 40... Crossing this threshold is not as dramatic as you think if you maintained a reasonable level of fitness through regular running or physical sports . Since taking up regular running and exercises just 2 years before reaching the "GB" status, this GB's uncle has better fitness and stamina than when he was in 20s and 30s."

Again TLR said "I must say well done. At his Golden Age, he is still able to run. I respect those runners who are above 40 years-old, regardless of how fast or how slow he or she ran. Honestly, it is not easy to run when you reached that age. It is easy if you maintain your run until that age."

DO says : " Young man! ...There are many GB uncles and aunties can out-run and out-paced you and the younger ones anytime. To all 'not so fit GBs' , don't worry and despair ....All it takes some determinations and commitments to exercise and keeping yourself fit. Just get your butts out the door and starting running to fitness... "

P.S : Note TLR's quotes are taken out of its context, the remarks are meant to inject some humors ...... Please click TheLonelyRunner for his full article.

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