Monday, June 27, 2005

Sunday's LSD Run, No!

Yes, i was planning to do a 25km LSD run using the same Yio Chu Kang to Upper Pierce by extending the run to Seletar Reservoir ....
But, woke to aches and strains in parts of my body that i didn't know exists and immediately decided to abandon the planned run to another more cheerful Sunday.
Saturday's full day outings at Pasir Ris Park took its tolls...Still i managed to get my lazy butt out the door for a morning run -1/2 hr later than usual at 6.30am. Did a loop near my area, run toward Serangoon Ave 1 - Bartley road - Upper Aljunied road and back Bartley... This route is heavy used by the Police Gurkhas runners as their housings is at Upper Aljunied. Surprisingly this morning there only a handful of the Gurkhas guys on the road but their ladies and girls were out in full force doing their morning jogs. The Nepalese guys are extremely fast runners and i tend to be overtaken by some of them at various stages of my run. But,... their ladies seems to lack speeds and paces in legs, for a change i have a pretty proud and satisfactory time overtaking the ladies on the route. I must passed more than 15 Gurkhas's ladies and observed that all of them are on the plump side in sharp contrast from the fine physique of their males. I wonder why there is so few Slim and Fit Gurkhas's ladies? My run and backs watching ended at 7.20am.


cheahchuwen said...

I once was jogging around the Bukit Batok Town Park perimeter can I saw this 40 year old plus uncle ahead of me. Being the me I've always been, I sped up to overtake him but in the end he overtook me and shamed me outright.


DO said...


In my last MR25 30km progressive, i was overtaken by a super fit elderly 65 years old.... nothing to feel ashamed of.. take them as motivations to train harder. Keep on Running.



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