Thursday, July 07, 2005

HatYai Is Safe!

Just informed HatYai Nature Run organizer that i have dropped my plan to do this Nature Run,7th August. I have decided instead to holiday with my family during this N-Day long weekend...

Received this email from the event's organizer-----

"We have received your mail. We regret that you can not make it this year. We hope you will try to come again next year.
There are some worry among Malaysian and Singaporean runners that it maynot be safe to come to Thailand. I would like to ask you to help us senda message out that there is no single violence in Hat Yai for many months now. The safety of the participants is our utmost concern. We have been guaranteed by local security forces that the security along the runningroute is tight and 100% safe. Every participant will feel safe here.Actually more and more tourists have come back to Hat Yai because theyknow that the violence now occur only in the 3 provinces (Yala, Pattaniand Satun).Finally, I would like to send you the information of the Hat Yai NatureRun 2005. Please forward this information to your friends and runningclubs in Malaysia and Singapore.Thank you very much for your support of the Hat Yai Nature Run.

Best Regards,Banjong"

DO says " Upto you decide on its merits.... I truly appreciate the Thai's Organiser Prompt and Forthright responses to our concerns and safety. Good Lucks and a Great Run to all doing the HatYai Nature Run. See U next year, maybe."

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