Monday, July 04, 2005

The Milk Run !

Although, my left ankle is 80% recovered from the "Pothole" incident. I was determined to go to the Milk Run, even if I am there just to meet up withmy running pals, -TLR,FD, Anthony,Lai Soon, Alvin n the other fellows runners.....
I just want to run this race to gauge my current running fitness ( as my weekly mileage for last 2 month was only low 30-40km range). I will be putting more efforts and mileage works starting July in preparation for the Sept's Army Half Marathon to better my last year's 1hr49mins . I am not setting target this time round, i believe that the efforts and determination will be reflected in the "Finishing Time".
Back to the Milk Run, I know that my time for race will be mediocre. I was also curious on how my body and running will be affected by the no-so ready left ankle. Maybe, it was self - awareness or the pains from the left ankle when the foot pronate to a certain degree. My running's stride sub-consciously altered and was running in a rather uncomfortable way... in fact my left foot under-pronated to minimise pains from the injured ankle. This change in the left foot pronation cause stresses to manifest at the left knee joint and surprisingly at the right knee joint as well..... I was hoping to do sub 50mins run and only managed 53mins finish.
But, i gain in term of understanding my own body's biomechanism and its workings a little better. More importantly, i enjoyed this MILK Run in the companionship of fellow runners to share the joys of running.

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