Monday, July 11, 2005

Sunday's LSD Run, 10th July

This Sunday's LSD Run started at 6am from Serangoon Stadium. Just minutes into the run, i saw a bolt of fiery orange flame which lasted 2-3 seconds flashed across the dark sky. I guessed it was comet or some space rubbish that crashing back to earth ... It is my first sighting of "UFO". Wonder what is the odds of the "UFO" hitting an Aircraft in its path? Well, now back to running.....
Running along Yio Chu Kang in weekend's morning is rather pleasant with minimum traffic on the road. Reached the YCK and OUTR juction in 59mins. Met Mika (doing her recovery run after last week 3rd placing of her age group at Osim Tria.)along OUTR leading a group MR25 runners on their return from Seletar to MR. Surprisingly, Mike was at the tail-end of the group, guess he is still suffering the after-effects of his Osim race. I continued on OUTR, UTR, Mandai Road and made a U-turn at Seletar's Entrance Toilet back to Upper Pierce Reservoir . Exchanged greetings with Anthony who was running in the opposite direction with large group of Safra Runners on the hilly UP Resevoir road. Reached the UPR's Toilet in 2hr and U-turned back to OUTR and my LSD run finish point at YCK and OUTR junction for breakfast rewards.

At various late stage of a long run, the mind may send out negative thoughts (like "you're tired", " must stop to walk now" )to test your resilient and will-power. Unless there are serious physical pains or injuries, you must learn to resist the temptations to take the easy ways out, but continue to persist and keep on running (no matter -how slow) My minds was flooded with many negative thoughts upon reaching the UPR' s toilet, i resist and continue to drag my feets back to the UPR's Main Gate. I found my " Second Wind" when i was back on OUTR, opened my pace and did a Tempo Run of 1.2km to my finish point.
I am rather satisfied with this LSD run especially the spirited tempo run to the finish and my persevervance to the negatives.


The Dream Runner said...

Heh, David:
I see that u live quite near to Serangoon Stadium, me too.

I have taken the whole stretch of YCK in the early morning (a few months back).

I hope to do that again soon. May just bump into you along YCH one of these days.

Anyway, keep up the great running you have.


DO said...

Hi Anthony,

Serangoon Central is my nest... YCK is not my usual route, but like it as offer a long stretch of undulating terrains. My normal LSD route normally take me to Bishan Parks, Thomson Road, MR and UPR..Looking forward to meeting u all at our trial run for the Real Run at Sentosa on 24 jul.. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell me what is "LSD Run", "Tempo Run" and "Recovery Run"?


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