Thursday, August 11, 2005

Quick Running-Revisit

nice bot
Found this interesting article, extracts as follows:-

* Rule 1 Get your butt out the door.
Reaching your full potential takes years of hard work. You don't get faster by sitting at home making excuses about why you can't train today. While running doesn't have to be your Number #1 priority (nor should it be), you do have to be committed to training regularly. If you are not willing to get out 4 or 5 times per week (at a minimum), 11 out of 12 months of the year, you are not committed to being the best you can be. - Consistency

*Rule 2 Plan to work, Work to Plan
Success does not happen by accident. Peak performance is acheived by setting a challenging, yet reasonable goal and then working backwards to plan how to reach it. - Periodization, Pacing, Prepartation

*Rule 3
To run Fast, you gotta run alot and you gotta run fast
you don't get to be a fast runner by spending hours in the weight room or attending power yoga classes three times a week. Yes, supplementary training and cross training has its place, but the simple fact is that most recreational runners will improve simply running more miles. Equally important is running at race pace or faster (e.g. strides, repeats, hills, tempo runs, etc.) at least 2 or 3 times per week, year round. - Base and Speed

* Rule 4 Improvement comes from recovery, not Training
Undertraining is better than overtraining, and training without adequate rest is actually counterproductive.
- Rest, Recover and Rebuild

* Rule 5 You gotta believe it before it will happen
In any sport, the difference between the good performer and the great performer is what is between the great performer's ears. The good news is that this mental edge can be developed. Mental preparation techniques (e.g. positive affirmations, visualization) and situational practice (e.g. training on the specific race course, overcoming fatigue in workouts) along with proper physical training will allow you to achieve peak performance. - Mental


The Lonely Runner said...

tat picture! really very familiar! looks like the pic of jeannete wang, the singaore triathelete! heh! naughty u!

DO said...

Woho.. u not only can run.. u can also recongnise someone just looking at their lower half..Amazing. Found this nice loooking n perfectly toned female during surfing. So she is Jeannete, trust her top half look just as stunning... cheers

The Lonely Runner said...

hhahah! u ah!!! which website do u surf? hmmm.... dun make me thinking of naughty ideas....

DO said...

Haha.... same, same lah...


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