Monday, August 15, 2005

Sunday's LSD Run,14/8

Decided to do the YCK-Seletar all road route for my weekend LSD run. As usual, the run started at 6am from Serangoon Stadium. This run has a few new running gadgets namely a new dark ClimaCool Running Hat ( in replacement of the my Favorite White ClimaCool hat which blown away when i left it for drying at the balcony at SAF Yacht Club recently) and a new 6 bottles NB Fuel belt. These new running stuffs and a Response Running Vest were bought on Saturday Shopping Marathon mainly at Suntec Mall, Novena and Raffles City. Guess i must have caught Fd's Shopping Bugs......
Reached the YCK- UTR-OUTR road junction in 56mins in slightly faster time and proceeded to turn into OUTR toward Seletar. Met Leng , Mike and other MR25 runners on their return leg of MR-Seletar 21km run ( they started at 6am as well) Not forgeting Mathew who had recently recovered from Dengue. He is looking fitter and speedier than before....Made my U-Turn at Seletar Entrance in 1hr 25mins.
On my return Leg toward UPR, surprised to see Carine with a Group of MR25 runners ( this group started at 7am) heading to Seletar.... she kept her pace with the other MR25 runners well, i guessed her challenge will be in their return legs when they open up their strides. Carine is a potential future MR25 star Female Runner just like Pauline , J.J if she continues training hard.
On reaching UPR main gates, i continued to tackle the hilly terrain in this stretch of the route to UPR toilet where U turn to AirCON road and back to the Gates/ OUTR. I have intentionally do this tougher and more demanding hilly portions at this late stage of the run to apply a little more stresses and to test my mental. In fact, my calf muscle were so tense to the point of near Cramp situation that i took a short walk break to walk out the muscle'stensions ( lesson here, no more shopping marathon the day before my LSD run ).... Reached my reward finishing point near my Roti Prata place in 2hr 38mins.


The Lonely Runner said...

that's the dangerous to catch Fd's bug! hehe. If u are not as enduring as Fd, I dun think u can last long doing all the shopping.

Yupz! Carine is a very good runner. Ran with her the 20 km progressive run, she seems to be soo cool and relax, while me, felt like wanna gone like that. hehe.

DO said...

Yes, u r exactly marathon is hazardous to our health n wallet.. must avoid at all costs.
Carine is someone, we may be trailing soon.... Cheers

Anonymous said...

oh my I just read your blog and comments. Now stress on me!! oh no!! hahhaha :D

DO said...

Carine, Juz my honest opinion... Keep training hard and enjoy yr running.. with yr potential, improvements will be forthcoming but pls retain yr true humble n helpful nature... Cheers


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