Monday, September 12, 2005

AHM : After-Thoughts

It is obvious that with my current level of fitness and stamina, it will be very difficult to better my last year's AHM timing of 1hr 49mins.
I started my AHM race with little expectation with a huge diverse group of runners at 5.45am flag-off. Normally, my running strides and momentum will be smoothened after 20-25mins into the run. But, this time i did not feel comfortable even after the warm-up period, and was feeling weak and lack of zest. It was more psychological rather than physical, knowing that i will not be able to better my timings. At that instance, i decided to shake-off this mental weakness and blues, but to concentrate and focus to complete the run ....... I completed my in 1hr 56mins ( 7mins late)

As Alvin mentioned, " the more efforts you put into your running will yield and reflect in your timing." Well said, my weekly mileages have been irregular and relatively low.(varied between 10km to 50km per week since March KL marathon.) This resulted in my severe drop in Stamina and Fitness, thus slower timings.
It is critical that i put in more efforts and mileages to prepare myself for December Singapore Marathon which is now less than 12 weeks away. It is not the time to despair but rather to concentrate and focus on my preparations for upcoming marathon.

BTW, i would like to congratulate Aik Hock, Alvin and Dreamrunner for achieving their P.B at this year's AHM.. Well Done


The Dream Runner said...


given your recent bout of flu and some personal issues that kept you occupied, it was a good performance to complete the 21km sub-2hrs liao.

I believe with your training back on track, you will make it well in time for SCSM 42km... and as u rightfully pointed out, a lot of it is really mental.. believe and u will achieve


DO said...

Thanks Dream.... already having positive thoughts and will put my best efforts to achieve respectable timings for Dec's SCSM. Cheers


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