Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mizuno Wave Run 2005

Today is the 2nd Mizuno Wave Run held at Kovan Centre. The Route was the same as last year, but more traffic police were deployed to ensure the safety of the Runners.

Since late thursday, i have been popping Clarinase to gain reliefs from the irriating Flu conditions that i was having. Luckily, this morning the blocked noses and coughs have receded.
Did a short warm-up run from my home to Kovan, i found that i was sweating more than normal despite of the cool morning conditions and still feeling rather weak. I guessed that my body is still trying to recover from the flu.
My game-plan was tried my best for the run and will slow or even stop at the first sign of any physical discomforts. Well, i felt light -headed at 5km turn and slowed down my pace. i do not want risk any serious health issues especially the Army Half Marathon is next week. My next 5km to the finish was a slow-paced jog and completed the race in 51mins.


The Dream Runner said...


not a bad timing, given the flu conditions you were in.

rest well, and drink lots of water, n all the best for AHM.

DO said...

Anthony, Many Thanks for yr kind words... Trust yr AHM timings will be another P.B. Cheers


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