Thursday, September 15, 2005

NTU 168km "Run Round Singapore 2005"

The main objectives of organizing the "Run Round Singapore 2005" are:

* To commemorate the University's 50th anniversary celebration by uniting the alumni, students, staff and supporters in this meaningful event;

* To set the record by completing the 168 km run within 30 hours;

* To raise funds for NTU Endowment; and

* To promote Sports for Life and Healthy Lifestyle among Singaporeans.

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I have registered for this run event and will start at station pt 25, Houngang Ave7. I plan to run at least 42km distance in support of those runners attempting the full distance,168km.


ironmandreamer said...

hey David, all the best for the run! i'll be starting from pt.1

The Dream Runner said...


I have registered too, at the same location (pt.24) as you. Can I join you to start the run together? When is the supposed meeting time?



The Dream Runner said...

Hi David,

I checked the map again, and found that pt 24 is actually Senkang. Hougang Ave 7 should be pt. 25, starting at 9.30pm. Did you mean pt.25 instead?

DO said...

hi ironmandreamer, r u attempting the full 168km? aniwei, hope to c u at station 25 .. Cheers

DO said...

Good Morning Dream, yes u r correct should be station 25, hougang ave 7.... i will be there before 9pm, just in case... C U there. Cheers

ironmandreamer said...

hi David, i'll run as long as i can tahan :) hope to see u there too!


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