Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Heat is ON


The day as well as the night's Temperature is soaring, please ensure that you are well hydrated........

Strategies to replace fluids over the day
1)Make sure that you drink at each meal.

2)Don't overlook water as a great choice.
3)Take extra care in hot, humid weather, you will need to increase your drinking opportunities.
Keep a supply of fluids on hand during the day. Carry your own water bottle so you can get a drink wherever you are.
4)Rehydrate quickly after a session. Remember that you will continue to lose fluid during recovery through urine and continued sweating. You need to drink 1.5 times the amount lost over the next 1-2 hours to achieve good hydration (E.g. If you are 1 kg lighter after a session, you will need to drink 1500ml to rehydrate).
5)Get a feel for sweat losses during your activity, and how well you replace these. If you weigh yourself before and after a session, you are measuring fluid losses only.

How do you know if you are drinking enough? This
urine color test can guide you.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Straight Talks on Training


Do we really need to spend $500 for a High Tech Gizmos such HRM(heart rate monitors) to train more efficient?
Or overwhelmed and confused by modern technical jargons such Vo2max,POD, lactic acid system...

Can we still train by the old fashion way with a good pair of cushioned shoe and simple watch with laps timings?

I found Arthur Lydiard's articles on Training in the old ways indeed refreshing and simple to understand.....

Example: "The Lydiard training system is based on a balanced combination of aerobic and anaerobic running. Aerobic running means running within your capacity to use oxygen. Everyone, according to his or her physical condition, is able to use a limited amount of oxygen each minute. With the right kind of exercise, you can raise your limit.
The maximum limit is called the "Steady State", the level at which you are working to the limit of your ability to breathe in, transport, and use the oxygen. If you exceed this limit, the exercise becomes anaerobic. When this happens, your body's metabolism changes to supply the oxygen you need to supplement the amount of oxygen you are breathing in. This re-conversion process has limits, so the body is always limited in its anaerobic capacity. When you run anaerobically, you incur what is called "oxygen debt". Oxygen debt is accompanied by the build-up of lactic acid and other waste materials, which in turn leads to neuro-muscular breakdown, or simply, tired muscles that refuse to work. Oxygen debt has the unfortunate feature of doubling, squaring, and then cubing as you continue to run anaerobically.
In other words, the faster you run, the greater your need for oxygen to continue running becomes."

Do you find the above explanations easier to comprehend? If you appreciate the Straight Talks and Trainings the good old ways by this well respected Vets Runner, you can click on this LINK

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday's LSD Run

Woke up late this morning and had a quick breakfast of 4 slices of peanut butter jam wholemeal breads with a cuppa of Nescafe coffee instead of my normal Milo. ( out of pre-mixed Milo pac)

Started my run from home to MacRitchie(MR) at 5.55am. Shortly into the run near Chuan Park, I felt slight stomach discomforts (but still bearable) and continue my slow early morning run. Reached MR a few minutes slower usual and chatted with Alvin and Aik Hock . Like the rest of the MR25runner, we started our run at about 7.00am through the Northern Trail route toward Upper Pierce Reservoir( normal 15/20/25km route )
My Stomach discomforts felt much worse and started to feel nausea. About 3km into the run, i told Alvin and Aik Hock about my conditions and asked to proceed on while i try to walk out the discomforts.
After emerging out the North Trail, i turned left toward Sime Track Trail which is a shorter 10km route . When i reached the newly built Ranger Hut, decided to check out the place for the first time( passed the hut many times but never drop-in ). Found a brand new Water-Cooler there, took many mouthfuls of the cold and refreshing water from its tap. Started a friendly conversation with the Park Ranger, and managed to convince him to give me his last copy of new MR brochure with latest map. After this short distraction and the revitalising water, i slowly jogged back to the MR carpark . I even managed to do 2.4km Tempo Run from Exercise Station at Lornie trail to Zig-Zag bridge in 11mins 20secs. Reached the MR lower carpark at 8.20am, the other MR25 runners still not back from 20/25km run....

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Run Safely


Fellow Malaysian's Runner Jamie reported that" one of their club's top woman marathoner, Jenny Lim, had been struck down by a car and was in serious condition. Apparently she'd been running around the Section 17 area and was heading towards the KLCC when the accident happened. Jenny was struck down in a hit-and-run case from the back and is suffering from multiple fractures to her cheek bone, shoulder, hip and a few more places. Passers-by helped to call the ambulance."

Hi Gang, please look out for your own safety when you are running on the road. Here are some road safety guidelines highlighted by Jamie:-

1)Run against traffic flow -While it does not guarantee your safety, at least you can watch the oncomings.
2)Wear light colour clothing-White caps and white tops will add visibility.

3)Wear Reflective Gear-Rank running gear with reflective strips higher in the shopping list. Many shoes (most models) and clothing (especially Nike's) have incorporated Scotchlite and 3M strips. Consider also taping additional strips to the vest or wearing an additional safety bib.
4)Lose the earphones-I'm not a fan of wearing earphones during my runs. It's not that I don't like the music but the cables and the MP3 unit itself tends to get in the way. More importantly, you can't hear oncoming traffic (especially from behind) or other dangers (such as muggers and dogs). We need all our senses to be on the alert.
5)Clear the Danger Zones quickly-If there are certain dangerous stretches and if you can't circumvent/avoid them, run quickly past these areas. Don't linger around longer than it's required.

(Better still avoid Danger Zones Totally)

Please use your common sense and run safely.......

We are pleased to learn that " Jenny's internal bleeding has also been stopped. Typical of her strength she's cheery despite the pain and setback." and we pray for her speedy recovery.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Salute to MR25's Vets and Girls

I "pirated" this graphic picture from popular mr brown blogsite , because it depicts many instances when i am "breeze passed" by more agile and fitter uncles and girls from MR52 in our many runs. (although, i am already a "younger uncle" myself) My Upmost Respect and Salute to all the members of MR25 for their passions for Running. They are my motivations to be a Stronger and Faster Runner.........

"The will to win means nothing if you haven't the will to prepare." - Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner

Thursday, April 21, 2005

My New "DO Running" Routines

Beach Running
One of my "DO Running" goal for this year is to be a Stronger and Faster Runner . The other more objective and important goal is to complete December's Singapore Marathon in 3hr 45mins.
" If you want to race fast, you have to train fast."
Thus, i was reading all and everything about the different forms of Speedworks .( Interval Runs, Hill Running, Tempo Running, Fartlek and more...). For the last 2 weeks, i have posted articles detailing the benefits , objectives and the correct methods of each form of Speedworks. Besides the reading, I tried out them at the running track and MacRitchie's trail routes. Below are my individual thoughts and findings on them:-

1)Interval Running - I experimented with both short interval runs ( 100m, 200m, 400m) and longer runs (800m and 1200m). I found to be hard and energy-sapping, and do not enjoy the repetitive" run fast and furious then stop" involved in the routines. I think that i will leave pure Interval Runs to the Elite runners.

2)Hill Running and Fartlek - I love and enjoy these two forms of running, they allow you the freedom to varies the pace and develop self-awareness in your running.But it is very difficult to do them when you are breathing exhaust fumes , dodging people/traffic and sudden braking at traffic lights.

3)Tempo Running - it is a must for improving an runner's ability to run at fast paces for long periods of time while improving efficiency and mechanics and injecting a massive boost of confidence.

Two simple principles are my guides when deciding my speedwork training routines during the weekday:
1) the speedworks must complement the distance mileage training.
2) the type of workouts must suit me both physiologically and psychologically

Although, i will enjoy Hill and Fartlek Running, but will be difficult to implement them in my weekday's run routines (at the stadium's track) as there is no hilly terrains and trails near where i reside. I decided to do a simple "DO Fartlek" at the stadium's track which involved running at faster pace on track and then do my recovery jogging on the grass beside the running track. (coz, i just enjoy feel of running on grass)

My new running routines will be as follows:-

Tuesday -Steady Pace, Recovery Run 45mins -90mins ( depend body's conditions)

Wednesday -10mins Warm-Up Run/ 20-25mins Tempo Run@ my 5km pace /10mins Cool-Down Run

Thursday -10minsWarm-Up Run/ 25-35mins"DO Fartlek" / 10mins Cool Down Run

Sunday -LSD Run, 20-30km

I hope the inclusion of these two simple form of speedworks will made me a Stronger and Faster Runner.

"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." - Doug Larson

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Urgent Call of Nature

"I didn't really want to resort to that in front of hundreds of thousands of people. But, basically, I needed to go."

The British marathon champion Paula Radcliffe has sparked a furious, if hushed, debate on manners by going to the toilet midway through the London Marathon in front of millions of TV viewers around the world.
Radcliffe, who broke British hearts when she tearfully dropped out of the Athens Olympic marathon last year, shocked viewers and commentators alike when she pulled over to the side of the road and crouched.

"When you've got to go, you've got to go,"....... I am sure many runners will share this view but in front of TV!!!! .... i am not so suuuure......

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sunday's Run with TheLonelyRunner

This Sunday, I did my weekend LSD run with my friend Sukaimi, TheLonelyRunner.
As usual, I ran from Home to MacRitchie and took about 1 hour to reach there at 6.45am. Met the usual batch of MR25 runners already gathered there for our weekend LSD run which start at 7am. I did some stretching and socialising with fellow runners while waiting for Sukaimi. When the runners started their run at 7am sharp, there was still no sign of Sukaimi. Thought that he might be caught by some delays and wait for him till about 7.30am. When he still did not arrive, i proceeded with my run.......Want to know what happened thereafter, please check out TheLonelyRunner for the details......

"Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts."
Steve Prefontaine

DO Running

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Time for Reflections....

It is now raining cats and dogs outside, it's look like i have to skip today's track runs. Maybe, it's the weather or just plain boringness, i start to reflect....... an overweight(75kg, waist 34")38 years who decided that he must shed the excess weights through some form of excercises. Do and complete a Full Marathon Race before his first 40s birthday.......

It was this simple decision made more 2 1/2 years that i started this journey of discovering the joys and the adventures of Running. I recalled that in July,2003 that i could hardly completed a 2.4km run without stops and was totally breathless after each run.Despite of the poor fitness, i registered for that year's Half Marathon Race. For 4 months, i persevered and soldiered on with 3 times per week ,30minutes running routines at the nearby park. Just before the December's Marathon, i lost 10kg and was able to run 10km distance non-stop.( the furthest distance that i attempted then was only 15km. ) With lots of apprehension and self-doubts, i still managed to drag myself to the START line. I completed my first Half Marathon by run/walk in 2hr 16minutes. This is the START of my love and adventures with Running......

Lon road
After completing my first Half Marathon, i was confident that my target to do a Full Marathon before reach my 40's birthday is very achievable. In the first half of 2004, i continued to train 3-4 times per week and participated in many running races including a Biathlon. My progress and improvements were slow as i was not clocking enough mileages to build firm endurance base necessary for a Marathon race.
Fortunately,I found out that there is a group of distance runners, MR25(MacRitchie Runner 25) who regularly train at the reservoir for their Distance and Marathon Races. I went for their June's 5km Time Trial and narrowly qualified for their membership with 24mins 15sec finishing time. After joining the Club, i trained with the members of MR25 every Sunday and also ran in their 20km,25km,30kmand 35km Progressive Runs. The Weekend's LSD (long slow distance) runs and the Progressive runs gradually built up my endurance base and fitness. Because of the fellows MR25's supports and encouragement, i completed my very First Full Singapore Marathon Race in 4hrs 21mins.I fulfilled my dream of completing a Full Marathon before my first 40 birthday. My adventures did not stop here, i continued to run in MR25's Ultra-Marathon, Tsunami Victim's Run with Sukaimi,TheLonelyRunner and recently completed my second Marathon in KL, Malaysia. My running adventures continues........

My Personal Running adventures race only just begins, i am look forward to new challenges and new goals............ FINISH Line is still far far far far far away.......


"I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."
Jesse Owens

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Here is the latest details of Adidas -1 Computerised Running Shoes.....

Think someday soon, all running shoes will have computer chips for all kinds of Functions...

Their goal was simple: make a shoe that adjusts to a runner's dynamic needs. The result is a technology that senses, understands and adapts.

The sensing is a achieved by measuring the compression distance in the heel opening at a rate of 1,000 times per second. Those readings are received by an 8 mHz processor that determines what adjustments are necessary to achieve the optimal foot cushioning. When a change in compression resistance is needed, the 6,000 RPM motor is signaled and the tension in the steel wire that connects the front and back of the heel plate is adjusted. These adaptations happen on average every 4 steps, as needed. And the shoe remembers your patterns to constantly give you the best support. Of course, if you prefer a softer or stiffer ride, you can make those adjustments manually.

So how did it feel running in these things? Great! The bottom line is that it's a really comfortable, solid shoe. We played with the settings so I could feel the range available, but once I just let the shoe adapt to me, it just felt good. And that's the point. You shouldn't constantly feel the shoe adjusting, you should just be able to run comfortably over any terrain.

They's been on sale (and sold out) for almost a month now, but more are expected to drop this weekend. Check out the
adidas_1 web site for a retail finder or to sign up for notification when they're available online. For now, they're just available in men's sizes and one colorway, but stay tuned for a women's and a range of colorways in the not too distant future.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For Fast and Furious Elite Runners Only


Strength and Fast Training- Drag someone behind in the Power Speed Run. For maximum effects, use someone that is double or more your body's mass.......

Power Chute Resistance Training - Use a chute to utilise the wind resistance to build-up speed. Beware: Do not train when there a tyhoon or cyclone nearby, or you may be a MIT ( Missing in Training ) Also, please do not attempt to jump off a plane with this chute.....

Double Chute - Double the impacts, use two chute instead of just one... For the Super Elite Fast and Mad runner only, children and so-so runner must get parental supervision.....
Avoid training in strong winds, or will be flying away in no-time....

Dog Power
Dog Power Speed Training - Use a pack of dogs to pace you, for maximum results do the run on beach sands, snow covered trek or in a desert terrains

Slide down Hill
Steep Slope Training- Run fast down a steep slope with more 70 deg incline... For beginner, you are allowed to slide or tumble down but remember to buy yourself medical insurance....

For a slower non-elite runner, i would rather enjoy the Fast and Furious thrill of burning rubber behind the wheel of a Formula One.. Thank You....

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Memorable KL Marathon

Just received my KL's Marathon Finisher Certificate in my mailbox. It was my first oversea race and my second marathon run. This KL run was to me, a very special and memorable race. The good travel companionship, the new frienships established, the shopping and much more.....

On the Certificate;

Official Time 10km 21km 30km Marathon- Net Time
4:02:47 0:50:34 1:52:54 2:44:37 4:02:31

Category(Vets): 63 Gender(M) : 205 Overall Position: 231

Thanks for the nice memories.........

Sunday, April 03, 2005

MR25 5Km Time Trial

MR25's 5km Time Trial is a bi-monthly event. The route of the 5km run starts from the Zig-Zag Bridge through the usual nature trail and made a U-turn at 2.5km mid-point(just before the trail exit to Lornie road} and back to the Zig-Zag bridge. The ladies can make a slightly earlier U-turn at 2.4km near the exercise post. To qualify as a member of MR25 club, he/she must completed the run within 25minutes. Many existing members used the trial race to better their 5km timings and guage their own level of Fitness.

This Sunday is the second MR25 Time Trial for the year and will be my first run. What are my thoughts? With great reluctance, i still remember pains after last year's time trial. I can't describe it better than our Great, Selfless and Well- respected Coach Derek's comments: " Come and experience the pain again. Its up there above childbirth, marathon running......and.....I may even do it myself! "
The sky suddenly opened up around 3pm and began to rain cats and dogs. Maybe, this is an excuse to skip the suffering. But, i know that i must make use of the this trial to guage my current level of fitness and it will be invaluable yardstick for my upcoming speedworks routines. When i left for Macritchie at 4.15pm, it was still raining.
On arrival15minutes later, the rain stopped and the sky began to clear. At the Zig-Zag bridge,large crowd of runners already beginning to gather there. Another special event was also being held by Nike to showcase their latest shoe models specially for MR25 members and also allow runners to test out their shoes during the run.(models includes New Pegasus, Air Zoom Elite, Air Skylon, Nike "Free"-their latest shoe for "barefoot strengthening" and more... ) I picked the Air Zoom Elite and put them on for the run. I managed to do some short warm runs before our club's president called us to the starting line. After a short briefing, more than 60 runners were flagged off. As expected, the trail was very wet,slippy and muddy after such a heavy downfalls. The brand-new comfortable Nike's shoes that i was trying out, were soon covered in muds and drenched. Despite of the messy conditions of the trail, the run was nice and cool. Also, Smooth as the route was clear of other casual joggers and dodging skills were not put to use. I reached the 2.5km U-turn in11mins 48secs and finished the run in 23mins 34sec. I am satisfied with my finishing times especially in such wet conditions.

Alex,one of MR25's elite runner top the group with 17+minutes finish. Alvin was a few seconds (23mins28sec)ahead of me. Evelyn, did well in 23mins 50sec with assistance of a young pretty pacer.( Hi Evelyn, maybe you can T/loan your pretty pacer to pace me in the next TT. With her dragging me along, sure made PBs)
By the way, Coach Derek did run, and i think he took 21minutes to complete. ( No report of newly-born baby found abandon along the trail after the run).Good Efforts and Well Done. Everyone!!!!

What my thoughts after the run? Surprisingly,i feel good and in fact looking forward to the next TT on 5th June. By this date, i would have put in 8 weeks of some forms of speedworks. We shall meet again in June .


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