Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday's LSD


Just as I was drifting into my Dreamworld, the noise of voices of angers and pityfull cries of young children shooked me from my much needed rests. My new neighbour started their now regular quarrel.. Not Again. The rackets lasted till 3plus, by then it was impossible for me to return to my sleep.. just laid in bed waiting for dawn to start my Sunday's LSD.
Dragged myself from the comfort of my nest when the watch showed 5:00am. Did all the usual stuff and had a breakfast of hot Milo drink and peanut butter wholemeal-bread. My butt was out of the Door by 5.50am and headed toward MR. My usual run route passes AMK ave 1, both Bishan parks before reaching Thomson Road. This morning indeed of taking the left turn on reaching Thomson Road to MR, i decided to do the easier route using the old Thomson Road toward Upper Pierce Reservoir route.... Completed my 20plus km LSD run close to 8am.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

KL NB 15km Race

Terry Nair's update : "MR runner,Tony Seakins, 'the new kid on the block' ,set a new record at the New Balance 15k race in Kuala Lumpur.Tony,52, won the Masters event in an impressive 55 minutes 33 seconds betterring the old record by 3 minutes.
The men's open event was won by former MR member,Elangovan,in 52 mins 35 seconds."

DO says " Well Done !!! new and old MR25 members keeping our flag flying.... Thanks."

Friday, May 20, 2005

More MIM Race Photos

Photos --Courtesy Of MR25's Official Photographer, LimTeck Heng

Teck Heng : " I was denied permission to run both the Mens Open & Veteran events. I calculated that I have enough time to finish taking photos of the runners & complete 4 laps within 15 minutes."

DO says " Lucky me... if they allow Teck Heng to run and take pictures at same time.... me carrying the umbrella and trying catch-up with him, i sure colllapse.... for your infos, Teck Heng's PB for 5km time trial was 16mins++, which is recorded in MR25 's Hall of Fame..."

MIM Mile Race Results


The track was wet and slippy after the heavy downpour. As expected, the finishings for races were all very close especially the men's vets.... Mark Dyson pipped Donald by a swing of an arm (this leggy ang-moh have far longer limps, lah...) Their lap time average 75sec and in the excitment i forget that actual finishing time ( but it's 4mins++)
Men's Open was won by "hard case" Zhi Yong in 4mins 27sec, an amazing time considering the conditions.
Women event was won by Kirsten Conrad, a new MR25 member overtook Pauline, J.J, Renuka and others.( again i don't have the actual times)

DO says " Sorrrry, for the incomplete report as i was busy doubling as our Offical Cameraman's assistant to ensure his photo-equipments are safe from wet elements (holding a huge umbrella and trying to shelter the hyper-active and fast pace photographer, Teck Heng is a very difficult task.....) while absorbing the excitements and thrills of the fast and furious races. Hope someone can provide the full details of the races.... For me, all the runners are winners as they are up against the best of MR25 and the unyielding forces of mother-nature..... My Salute..."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

MIM Mile Race

Today's MIM Mile Race for MR25 members only is at SMU's Track,7pm.

Men - Open 1st - 3rd (split S$ 400/200/100)
Ladies - Open 1st - 3rd (split S$ 400/200/100)
Men - Vets 1st - 3 rd (split S$ 400/200/100)
** Trophy for 1st place in each category***
Please note that a VETERAN is someone 40yrs plus on race day.Merely looking old does not count.

Coach Derek: " Today is the big Event. Lets hope Michael has got his hands on the prize money! Seriously, its a very generous contribution to the annual calendar, an event that is now a permanent fixture thanks to Michael and one that generates bags of excitement and enthusiasm. Why, I even heard that Donald was down the track onTuesday! Secret Trainer extraordinaire!!A few of the girls and some of the guys have been building up to this over the past few months, taking part in SAAA meetings and Masters events so there are some of you in fine shape. Unfortunately I believe a few of the girls wont be able to make it on the night bu tthe Women's will still be an exciting race. The Men's open will be the usual tense, hard fought affair. Kien Mau, Steven Lim and AlexTay ..have looked great in training recently but when you're up againstChee 'Hard Case' Yong then they now they will have to be at their best. I can't wait!The Men's Vets will also have added interest as Michael has redistributed the Prize Money. If anyone has been watching Mark Dyson lately then try not to fall out with him between now and then, hecould be buying the beer! But then what has Donald been up to?"

DO says " All the best to the racers, many of us will be down at the Track to support and witness the most exciting and speedy race event ......"

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newspaper Big Walk


"There are actually people who cheat at race walks; they enter a race walk, then run to win. You know you've given up in life when you cheat at a race walk. You've decided that you're so pathetic the only way you can win is by cheating against people who aren't even competing." The Rage

DO Says " I did my first competitive race walk at last year 's Big Walk after training six weeks on the techniques of race walking.... I was very disappointed that many participants cheated by running... so much so that i decide not to join this weekend's Big Walk"

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Coach Derek's Farewell Party

Last night, Coach Derek's Farewell Party at Ian's New Beautiful Home in Nim Road was well attended by close to 40 Mr25 members and friends. The food, wines and conversations were excellent.... it was an enjoyable gathering.

We all wish Coach Derek and his pretty wife, Birsen all the bests in their New Endeavour and Home in Seattle, USA.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ipoh International Marathon, Anyone???


"Marathon running is a terrible experience: monotonous, heavy, and exhausting."
Veikko Karvonen, 1954 European and Boston Marathon Champ

"Marathoning is like cutting yourself unexpectedly. You dip into the pain so gradually that the damage is done before you are aware of it. Unfortunately, when awareness comes, it is excruciating."
John Farrington, Australian marathoner

DO says " Thinking of doing the Ipoh International Marathon or Half Marathon Race, 3rd July... Anyone wants the Terrible Experience and its Excruciating Feeling at the finish Line???"

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What is a healthy percentage of body fat?

Our Friend, Sukaimi (TheLonnelyRunner ) in his recent posting wonder aloud his doubts on whether his Hefty Body Weight is due to Bone's density and Body's Water or Body's Fats. Hope this article can helps....

The search on "body fat percentage" and turned up many different estimations of healthy body fat.

Most sources agree that the human body requires a certain amount of fat for good health. Fat helps regulate body temperature, store energy, and cushion and insulate organs. The percentage of body weight that makes up this "essential fat" is around 4% of body weight for men and 10% for women. Beyond that, there's a somewhat wide range of what is considered a healthy percentage of body fat.

According to an article from, the American Dietetic Association recommends that men have 15-18% body fat and women have 20-25% body fat. Healthy male athletes might be as low as 5-12% body fat, and healthy female athletes could be as low as 10-20%.

Dr. C. Everett Koop's site,, breaks down healthy body fat ranges by both gender and age. Men under 39 years of age should have 8-19% body fat, and women under 39 years of age should have 21-32%. Older men may range from 11% to 24%, and older women may range from 23% to 35%.

Health Check Systems quotes the American Council on Exercise and says men's body fat should be 6-25%, and women's should be 14-31%.

Doctors increasingly use the Body Mass Index (BMI), not body fat measurements, to determine whether or not a person is overweight. BMI is based on a mathematical formula using height and weight that estimates overall body composition. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute offers a handy BMI calculator and tables so you can see where you stand.

Professional and superior amateur athletes often have a body fat percentage much lower than the average person. For example, male marathon runners have been found to have body fat as low as 3.3 percent and female Olympic swimmers have been found to have body fat as low as 14.5 percent.

DO says " When you have ABDs like this chap, you know definitely that you are not Fat... TLR just work hard to get those ABDs muscle and nobody will ever dare remark that you are overweight, lah...."

Monday, May 09, 2005

Sunday's ThunderStorm

thunder storm
Woke up by the Roaring of thunders this morning. I peeked at the clock on the side-table, it was already 5am and time to get ready for Sunday's LSD. Went to the window and saw the lightning flashing continuously lighting up the dark sky, and decided to return back to my slumberland.
I had a difficult time getting sleep last night, and only managed to drift back into dreamland at about 3am. No thanks to my new neighbour who started one of their regular heated arguments close to midnight and lasted about 2 hours before it quieten down. ( their 5-6 quarrel since they moved next door in January.) Sadly, when the parent quarrrelled, their two young kids would also cried and pleaded to adult to stop. Just hope these two adults will settle their problems and differences for the sake of their young children....

Friday, May 06, 2005

Staying Young

Staying young: A balanced approach to exercise can avert ageing
Emma Hill discovers

Have you ever noticed how marvellous women who do yoga look? Their skin is smoother and their expression free of the knots seen in most women over 35. It can't just be about good genes.

Marathon runners, on the other hand, often look older than they are. ''People who do a lot of running use an enormous amount of calories and fluids,'' says fitness guru Matt Roberts, who has worked with Sandra Bullock, Sting and Trudi Styler. ''The need to regenerate and refuel is so great and rapid that any fluctuation in supply can make people look gaunt.''
Yoga is an altogether more soothing exercise. The deep breathing, stretching and concentration make it incredibly calming, which does wonders for frown lines. The yoga lifestyle is also youth-enhancing. ''Generally, people who do yoga look after themselves in other ways,'' says Roberts. ''Their approach to food, for example, is more healthy.''
The trick is striking a balance - combines resistance exercise (light, free weights and high repetitions) with core training. Taking parts of yoga, Pilates and dance, he works with women well past their twenties. ''It's not a traditional muscle workout, but you have some elements of that,'' says Hirsch

Yoga: soothing exercise
The key to exercising to look young is increasing blood circulation without exhausting yourself. Roberts says moderate aerobic activity four or five times a week works the cardiovascular system "to a level where it improves circulation and feeds the skin cells''. And healthier skin means younger looks.

DO says : " It looks like i must the master the art of Yin /Yang Running (increasing blood circulation ) without exhausting meself.... Must get Kevin to teach me 'Qing Kong' Running lah ........"

Sunday, May 01, 2005

MR25 20km Progressive Run

The route starts at MacRitchie Reservoir Lower Carpark
toward Northern Trail route -> road heading to S'pore Island Country Club House -> cut through fringe of SICC golf course ->Upper Peirce Reservoir > 300m from Upper Pierce's Toilet turn left into "Air Con" road -> U-Turn at Pump Station Gates
-> Turn left to Upper Peirce Reservoir Main Gates -> U-Turn at the Main Gates and back to MR's 10km route-> Ranger office -> Sime Track Trail->Lornie Trail-> MacRitchie Reservoir Lower Carpark.
I was hesitant about the doing this morning 20km P.Run. I am experiencing occasional sudden ticklish pains from my right ankle area for the whole of this week. Still unable to isolate the source of the problem, whether they are from the stresses on the ankle's bones or the blood vessel problems . My worry is the pain is early sign of major bone / ankle injury.My plan for the run was to take it easy and stop my run if necessary.

The P.Run started 7.00am sharp, it was a brisk pace run leaded by the stronger MR runners. Although, i tried to hold back my pace, it was still faster than my normal LSD run. Luckily,I completed my run without developing major discomforts ( at the back of the pack in 2hr 5mins) Sorrrry, need to cut short this entry as there is this irritating persooon, pressure me to do a marathon mahjong session now.


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