Thursday, June 30, 2005

Terry Fox Run 2005

What is the Terry Fox Run ? The Terry Fox Run (a fun run with most participants walking), spearheaded worldwide by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, is an event dedicated to raising funds for cancer research. In Singapore, the event is the single largest fund raising effort in aid of the Singapore Cancer Society. The Singapore Cancer Society which is a self-funding voluntary welfare organization views cancer research as a vital aspect in its move towards total cancer control, treatment and care.
Inspired by the Terry Fox Dream! Among the millions inspired by Terry’s “Marathon of Hope” was Isadore Sharp, Chairman of Four Seasons Hotels. While Terry was in the hospital receiving treatment, Mr . Sharp sent a telegram containing the promise that we “will not rest until your dream to find a cure for cancer is realized”. Mr. Sharp also committed his effort to an annual Terry Fox Run as a fundraising event for cancer research.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Singapore Runners' Blogging Community

About Singapore Runners' Blogging Community
"The objective of this Singapore Runners' Blogging Community is to link all Singapore running enthusiast blogger in one website, regardless whether you run for fitness or performance. Regardless of how good you are, if you like running and you blog, this is the place for you.
This is a platform for Singapore Runners Blogger to update each other on upcoming running events both in Singapore as well as overseas.
This is also a platform to exchange and share ideas on running through surfing around each others blog through this website.
We hope that all of you will benefit from this site
The Lonely Runner

Sunday's LSD Run, No!

Yes, i was planning to do a 25km LSD run using the same Yio Chu Kang to Upper Pierce by extending the run to Seletar Reservoir ....
But, woke to aches and strains in parts of my body that i didn't know exists and immediately decided to abandon the planned run to another more cheerful Sunday.
Saturday's full day outings at Pasir Ris Park took its tolls...Still i managed to get my lazy butt out the door for a morning run -1/2 hr later than usual at 6.30am. Did a loop near my area, run toward Serangoon Ave 1 - Bartley road - Upper Aljunied road and back Bartley... This route is heavy used by the Police Gurkhas runners as their housings is at Upper Aljunied. Surprisingly this morning there only a handful of the Gurkhas guys on the road but their ladies and girls were out in full force doing their morning jogs. The Nepalese guys are extremely fast runners and i tend to be overtaken by some of them at various stages of my run. But,... their ladies seems to lack speeds and paces in legs, for a change i have a pretty proud and satisfactory time overtaking the ladies on the route. I must passed more than 15 Gurkhas's ladies and observed that all of them are on the plump side in sharp contrast from the fine physique of their males. I wonder why there is so few Slim and Fit Gurkhas's ladies? My run and backs watching ended at 7.20am.

Friday, June 24, 2005

NB Real Run

real run

Real Run is Back and online registration is open..

DO says " My last Real Run was a tough cookie... the running on the sand seems forever. It must have been more than 3km of beach's sand or is it !!!! May be this year, the SPAN shorten the Sand distance to 1.6 km??? "

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

11th Hat Yai Nature Run 2005

hat yairun
Just registered online for the Half Marathon,11th Hat Yai Nature Run on the Sunday,7th August . I am the Number One on the Online Registration List.

"Hello, it is our pleasure to welcome you all, both professional and non-professional runners who have hearts to run for healthy life, to win his Majesty the King’s Cup in the 11th Hat Yai Nature Run 2005 at Hat Yai, Songkhla.
Prince of Songkla University, together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and other local offices, will arrange this spectacular event on Sunday 7th August 2005.
The route of nature run is surrounding with green trees both on and off campus. Every year, there will be foreign runners from many countries and Thai runners from other places coming to join us. For the last few years, there were increasing apparently in number of little runners.
The running categories are classified into 4 major categories. They are half marathon, quarter marathon, fun run, and family run. The more details and information of the 11th Hat Yai Nature 2005 can be found on our web page. Please come to enjoy the fresh morning of our campus and have fun with our nature run this year.For more informations, pls click HAT YAI Nature Run ."

DO says " This will be my maiden competitive race in this beautiful Kingdom of Smiles, Thailand. Anyone doing this race ? "

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday's LSD Run

This morning LSD run route started from Serangoon Stadium along Yio Chu Kang toward Old Upper Thomson Road. Just as i was running pass a road junction near Serangoon North Ave, heard a voice calling me. It was Lai Soon in his gaint Prime Mover, saying hello . He told me that he was on his way to Bedok Reservoir for his run with fellow runners which start at 6.30am . Yio Chu Kang is a very long road which pass-by several housing estates. It is advisable to run this route only during weekend's morning as the road is normally busy with fast moving traffic. Also, run on the right side of the road as there are fewer traffic stops. I reached the junction of YCK and OUTR in 58mins.
A few minutes on OUTR, saw a figure speeding toward my direction. It was Micheal Craig on his return leg of his 25km MR-Seletar-MR route. Exchanged morning greeting with him and proceeded to Upper Pierce Reservoir. Upon reaching UPR's toilet, i made a U-turn and ran on the AirCON road. Then back to UPR's Main Gates and back on to OUTR. Meet and exchanged niceties with Hock Leong who is on his way to Seletar. I end my LSD run at Casuarina Roard in 1hr 56mins, and rewarded myself with Teh Tarik and Roti Prata.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gone Fishing

Going on a Fishing Trip for the next few days...... Will try to do my running on beaches and rounds on the Kelong.

DO says : " Congrats to TLR, Sukaimi for finishing 2nd in the last sunday's MR25 X-C Marathon despite of the tough trail terrains and extremely wet conditions... Well Done, Young Dude! As for meself, i did a half marathon distance and enjoyed this run in heavy downpour... "

Friday, June 10, 2005

Golden Boys! O'ya!

TheLonelyRunner said :" .......Inside the rota, there are a number of Golden Boys. Golden boys are those who I categorise them under the age of above 40."

DO says : " TLR! excuse mE !! I have been called many names or labels ( some nice and nasty ones) in my four decades.... But, still labeled as a Golden Boy(GB) when one has crossed the 40 years Line!!!! For "Golden Babies", those below age below 40... Crossing this threshold is not as dramatic as you think if you maintained a reasonable level of fitness through regular running or physical sports . Since taking up regular running and exercises just 2 years before reaching the "GB" status, this GB's uncle has better fitness and stamina than when he was in 20s and 30s."

Again TLR said "I must say well done. At his Golden Age, he is still able to run. I respect those runners who are above 40 years-old, regardless of how fast or how slow he or she ran. Honestly, it is not easy to run when you reached that age. It is easy if you maintain your run until that age."

DO says : " Young man! ...There are many GB uncles and aunties can out-run and out-paced you and the younger ones anytime. To all 'not so fit GBs' , don't worry and despair ....All it takes some determinations and commitments to exercise and keeping yourself fit. Just get your butts out the door and starting running to fitness... "

P.S : Note TLR's quotes are taken out of its context, the remarks are meant to inject some humors ...... Please click TheLonelyRunner for his full article.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Let Kids be Kids!

Parents should not timetable too many activities into their children's free time.
There is no doubt that parents who frantically shuttle their children between after-school activities - perhaps to learn to start running,play tennis, practise ballet, judo or drama or a musical instrument - have the best interests of their offspring at heart.

All work and no play: parents can be guilty of over-scheduling their children's spare time. But a report published last week suggests that the over-organised lives led by many youngsters are depriving them of that essential component of childhood: play. "Play is a basic building block of life, essential nourishment for healthy development," says Doug Cole, chairman of the International Play Association and author of the report. "But many children are experiencing an inadequate variety of play experiences. It's like a child having a diet of nothing but fast food: it's just not healthy

DO says : " I would like to retract my article, "Start Them Young". Just let grow up and play as children..... Just let them be kids and enjoy their childhood..."

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Just back from a long weekend holiday at SAF Yacht Club at remote Changi shore (next to the New Changi Naval Base) Spent most of the holiday break with the family lazing around, fishing, crabbing ( catching crabs not talking crabs) , eating and more eating. Missed Sunday MR25's 5km Time Trial and my regular sunday's LSD... well i convinced myself that i am carbo-loading and tapering down for this Sunday MR25 X-Country Marathon. Good Run to all for the upcoming X-C Marathon.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Start Them Young!


The percentage of kids who are overweight has quadrupled since the 1970s. It’s basically starting in the playpen. It’s not one specific reason, but a combination of factors. Kids are surrounded by high-calorie foods, and they don’t have as many opportunities to run and burn off those calories.TV keeps kids stuck on the couch and gives them the opportunity to be exposed to endless advertisements for fast food and junk food, and it gives them an opportunity to snack. During this school holiday, you want to get them to start running for their health.........

This interesting internet site, Kids may be a starting point to get them off the couch and their butt out the doors... Start Running.... Good Lucks.


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