Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Upcoming Running Events

For the next two months, I will be busy doing all these running events......

7th Aug 05 - * MR25 5km Time Trial
20th Aug 05 - * Public Service Quarter Marathon
28th Aug 05 - * NB Real Run
4th Sept 05 - * MR25 30km P.Run
4th Sept 05 - * 2nd Mizuno 10km Run
11th Sept 05 - * Army Half Marathon/Sheares Bridge Run

"When you run like I do, top tens are hard to come by and it usually means a lot of good runners don't show up." The Rage

Friday, July 22, 2005

AHM Online Registration

SAFRA SHEARES BRIDGE RUN & ARMY HALF MARATHON - Online Registration now opens.

I have just registered online for Half Marathon,Men Vets.... Good Lucks and A Good Race.

Link : http://www.safra.org.sg/happenings/activities.shtml#sbr

Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekend Break!

Will be taking a long weekend break at SAF Yacht Club... More Fishing, Family time, Beach, Sun, Foods and "Back Watching".

A good weekend to all, Cheerios and World Peace

Monday, July 11, 2005

Sunday's LSD Run, 10th July

This Sunday's LSD Run started at 6am from Serangoon Stadium. Just minutes into the run, i saw a bolt of fiery orange flame which lasted 2-3 seconds flashed across the dark sky. I guessed it was comet or some space rubbish that crashing back to earth ... It is my first sighting of "UFO". Wonder what is the odds of the "UFO" hitting an Aircraft in its path? Well, now back to running.....
Running along Yio Chu Kang in weekend's morning is rather pleasant with minimum traffic on the road. Reached the YCK and OUTR juction in 59mins. Met Mika (doing her recovery run after last week 3rd placing of her age group at Osim Tria.)along OUTR leading a group MR25 runners on their return from Seletar to MR. Surprisingly, Mike was at the tail-end of the group, guess he is still suffering the after-effects of his Osim race. I continued on OUTR, UTR, Mandai Road and made a U-turn at Seletar's Entrance Toilet back to Upper Pierce Reservoir . Exchanged greetings with Anthony who was running in the opposite direction with large group of Safra Runners on the hilly UP Resevoir road. Reached the UPR's Toilet in 2hr and U-turned back to OUTR and my LSD run finish point at YCK and OUTR junction for breakfast rewards.

At various late stage of a long run, the mind may send out negative thoughts (like "you're tired", " must stop to walk now" )to test your resilient and will-power. Unless there are serious physical pains or injuries, you must learn to resist the temptations to take the easy ways out, but continue to persist and keep on running (no matter -how slow) My minds was flooded with many negative thoughts upon reaching the UPR' s toilet, i resist and continue to drag my feets back to the UPR's Main Gate. I found my " Second Wind" when i was back on OUTR, opened my pace and did a Tempo Run of 1.2km to my finish point.
I am rather satisfied with this LSD run especially the spirited tempo run to the finish and my persevervance to the negatives.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

HatYai Is Safe!

Just informed HatYai Nature Run organizer that i have dropped my plan to do this Nature Run,7th August. I have decided instead to holiday with my family during this N-Day long weekend...

Received this email from the event's organizer-----

"We have received your mail. We regret that you can not make it this year. We hope you will try to come again next year.
There are some worry among Malaysian and Singaporean runners that it maynot be safe to come to Thailand. I would like to ask you to help us senda message out that there is no single violence in Hat Yai for many months now. The safety of the participants is our utmost concern. We have been guaranteed by local security forces that the security along the runningroute is tight and 100% safe. Every participant will feel safe here.Actually more and more tourists have come back to Hat Yai because theyknow that the violence now occur only in the 3 provinces (Yala, Pattaniand Satun).Finally, I would like to send you the information of the Hat Yai NatureRun 2005. Please forward this information to your friends and runningclubs in Malaysia and Singapore.Thank you very much for your support of the Hat Yai Nature Run.

Best Regards,Banjong"

DO says " Upto you decide on its merits.... I truly appreciate the Thai's Organiser Prompt and Forthright responses to our concerns and safety. Good Lucks and a Great Run to all doing the HatYai Nature Run. See U next year, maybe."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Register Singapore Marathon 2005

Received my EARLY BIRD promotional mailer for this year Singapore Marathon...
Online Registration starts 15th July, with additional 15% off Early Bird Rates for 2004's runners.

Links : http://www.singaporemarathon.com/2005/index.asp

The countdown for the Event begins......

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Milk Run !

Although, my left ankle is 80% recovered from the "Pothole" incident. I was determined to go to the Milk Run, even if I am there just to meet up withmy running pals, -TLR,FD, Anthony,Lai Soon, Alvin n the other fellows runners.....
I just want to run this race to gauge my current running fitness ( as my weekly mileage for last 2 month was only low 30-40km range). I will be putting more efforts and mileage works starting July in preparation for the Sept's Army Half Marathon to better my last year's 1hr49mins . I am not setting target this time round, i believe that the efforts and determination will be reflected in the "Finishing Time".
Back to the Milk Run, I know that my time for race will be mediocre. I was also curious on how my body and running will be affected by the no-so ready left ankle. Maybe, it was self - awareness or the pains from the left ankle when the foot pronate to a certain degree. My running's stride sub-consciously altered and was running in a rather uncomfortable way... in fact my left foot under-pronated to minimise pains from the injured ankle. This change in the left foot pronation cause stresses to manifest at the left knee joint and surprisingly at the right knee joint as well..... I was hoping to do sub 50mins run and only managed 53mins finish.
But, i gain in term of understanding my own body's biomechanism and its workings a little better. More importantly, i enjoyed this MILK Run in the companionship of fellow runners to share the joys of running.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Pothole Luck!

Just my Pothole Luck! Stepped into a Pothole when dodging a group of people blocking my path during my run last evening. My quick reflexes immediately retracted my left foot from the hole with just a twisted ankle. The frequent trail running must have helped me to instinctively avoided some serious damages to myself in this incident. MyLeft Ankle now swollen slightly with some pains if i stress it . I am not limping, so i suppose the ankle injury is not very serious. Hope the ankle can recover in time for The Milk Run this sunday......


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