Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pain .. Pay Attention

Hi all, especially increasing their mileage in preparation for Singapore Marathon, pls take note....
Pain In Athletes by Stephen M. Pribut, DPM
“...When something hurts, pay attention. ”
Pain affects training and athletic performance. But pain is also an important sign that must be paid attention to. It gives you feedback on how your body is currently working and warns you that things are not going well. Pain can cause you to alter your stride and result in other injuries. The biomechanical changes that you make as a result of pain can cause more pain, stress fracture, strains, and other injuries far away from the site of the original problem. When something hurts, pay attention. Find out why it is hurting and what you should do to make the pain stop.
Remember, pain is not normal. Your feet, legs, back, arms and any other part should not be hurting and interfering with your sports activity. This is a warning. If you want to succeed you will have to make changes, see your doctor, and find out why it hurts, what to do and stop the pain so you can safely continue your sport. To do otherwise is to risk serious injury and a long time interruption of your sports activity.

OveruseOveruse is the cause of most sports injuries seen in a clinical practice. make sure you read and pay attention to the online article on how to "Stay Out Of The Doctor's Office" and avoid the terrible "toos". Too much, too soon, too often, too fast, and too little attention paid to pain.
“...Overuse is the cause of most sports injuries. ”

Pain Scales
The proposed phases of pain by Robert Nirschl M.D. is thorough and applicable to pain in non-athletes as well. The scale of Pribut is a simplified approach for the athlete to consider.

Pribut Pain Protoypical Staging Of Overuse Injuries In Athletes
Stage 0. No pain is present before, during or after activity. Minor discomfort may be experienced at various times during training or racing.
Stage 1. Pain or stiffness after activity. The pain is usually gone by the next day.
Stage 2. Mild discomfort before activity that goes away soon after exercise is commenced. No pain is present in the latter part of the exercise. Pain returns after the exercise is completed (starting within 1 to 12 hours later and lasts up to 24 hours).
Stage 3. Moderate pain is present before sport. Pain is present during sport activity, but is somewhat decreased. The pain is an annoyance which may alter the manner in which the sport is performed.
Stage 4. Significant pain before, during, and after activity. The pain may disappear after several weeks of rest.
Stage 5. Pain before, during, and after activity. The athlete has stopped their sports participation because of the severity of the pain. The pain does not abate completely even after weeks of inactivity.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

LSD Run, 25/9

Wake up late this morning. Decided to run to Punggol Jetty for my LSD run . The fact that i have not run to this one of the few remote ends of Singapore which is near my nest( especially after reading in forum that both Gentle n Dreamrunner had already done so!) just prompted me to just run there.
Started my run at 6.30am via upper Serangoon road then followed the roads which cut through Sengkang and Punggol Estate along the river flowing into Punggol End. The morning air was cool and breezy making my run very comfortable and nice ( at times i thought i was running in temperate countries ) It was just the ideal weather conditions for running, and i hardly sweat ... Hope that the weather of Singapore Marathon in December can be just like this morning.
There was little traffic on these recently constructed roads and even fewer people or joggers. Except, when i turned into Punggol End, there was a huge tent near the road with a Camera Crews filming of a batch of army guys in full SBO and heavy camouflage in the forested area. Wondering, if MediaCorps is now " The Soldiers" after their successful " The Maids"..... Reached the Punggol Jetty in 1hr 2mins and spent 2mins there to absorb the scenic views and cool breeze before making a U-turn back. Ended my run at Rio Vista near Hougang Ave 7 in 1hr 45mins.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Back Staring


"There ain't no shame looking at a good runner's back. Now, if the runner sucks, that's something else entirely…" The Rage

DO says: " Sometimes slow down and Enjoy the great view, is ok, lah..... Enjoy your Running."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

LSD Run,18/9

Woke up at about 5am this morning to get ready for Sunday LSD run to MR and UPR. First time i did was tried to empty the stomach of the excesses from last night's sumptuous Indian dinner at Race Course Road. I had my usual breakfast of Hot Milo and Peanut-Jam Wholemeal Breads.
My Butt was out the door before 6am, and expecting the hot humid morning conditions as in the AHM. To my surprise,i had to run against strong gusty blowing into my face. The cool and refreshing smell of rain was clearly in the morning air. Light rain began falling when i running up the slope along the Boundary Road making my run rather pleasant. But, when the sky opened up and started pouring at Full Throttle with flashes of lightning near Bishan Depot, I decided to take shelter under the Overhead MRT Rail bridge. I was totally drenched and felt the cold chills from the rain and fierce winds. I had to lean against the Huge Support pillar to shelter myself from the elements. I stayed there watching nearby Traffic lights changes at timely intervals with the occasional rumbling roars of MRT train overhead. I was trapped at the location for nearly 30mins before the rainfall slowed a little. Took the opportunity of this break to run back to the comforts of my home via Bishan Town and Braddell road. Just a few minutes into my run, the rain started to pour " Cats N Dogs" again. This time round, i just continued my run back and was in fact enjoying my run in the rain.
While running pass a bus shelter at Bishan Sport Stadium, i overheard a young couple still in the party clothing commented that " this guy very Siow, #@..." I agreed that it is normal to think someone would be "Seow' or Crazy to run in such heavy rain.
Is it 'Seow' to wake up on very early Sunday morning to do my LSD run while everyone still be their dreamland ? I am doing it because it brings me joys and help me to find my own peace and solitude away from daily stresses and worries . It is the spirit of my "Seowness" that help me to complete 2 official marathon races and even a ultramarathon since i started running in 2003. I am very happy that have the "Seowness " for Running.....
BTW, i enjoyed this unplanned run in the rain and rediscovered my zests in my run which i sadly missed in my last few running races.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

NTU 168km "Run Round Singapore 2005"

The main objectives of organizing the "Run Round Singapore 2005" are:

* To commemorate the University's 50th anniversary celebration by uniting the alumni, students, staff and supporters in this meaningful event;

* To set the record by completing the 168 km run within 30 hours;

* To raise funds for NTU Endowment; and

* To promote Sports for Life and Healthy Lifestyle among Singaporeans.

For more infos on this Run Events ,click

I have registered for this run event and will start at station pt 25, Houngang Ave7. I plan to run at least 42km distance in support of those runners attempting the full distance,168km.

Monday, September 12, 2005

AHM : After-Thoughts

It is obvious that with my current level of fitness and stamina, it will be very difficult to better my last year's AHM timing of 1hr 49mins.
I started my AHM race with little expectation with a huge diverse group of runners at 5.45am flag-off. Normally, my running strides and momentum will be smoothened after 20-25mins into the run. But, this time i did not feel comfortable even after the warm-up period, and was feeling weak and lack of zest. It was more psychological rather than physical, knowing that i will not be able to better my timings. At that instance, i decided to shake-off this mental weakness and blues, but to concentrate and focus to complete the run ....... I completed my in 1hr 56mins ( 7mins late)

As Alvin mentioned, " the more efforts you put into your running will yield and reflect in your timing." Well said, my weekly mileages have been irregular and relatively low.(varied between 10km to 50km per week since March KL marathon.) This resulted in my severe drop in Stamina and Fitness, thus slower timings.
It is critical that i put in more efforts and mileages to prepare myself for December Singapore Marathon which is now less than 12 weeks away. It is not the time to despair but rather to concentrate and focus on my preparations for upcoming marathon.

BTW, i would like to congratulate Aik Hock, Alvin and Dreamrunner for achieving their P.B at this year's AHM.. Well Done

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mizuno Wave Run 2005

Today is the 2nd Mizuno Wave Run held at Kovan Centre. The Route was the same as last year, but more traffic police were deployed to ensure the safety of the Runners.

Since late thursday, i have been popping Clarinase to gain reliefs from the irriating Flu conditions that i was having. Luckily, this morning the blocked noses and coughs have receded.
Did a short warm-up run from my home to Kovan, i found that i was sweating more than normal despite of the cool morning conditions and still feeling rather weak. I guessed that my body is still trying to recover from the flu.
My game-plan was tried my best for the run and will slow or even stop at the first sign of any physical discomforts. Well, i felt light -headed at 5km turn and slowed down my pace. i do not want risk any serious health issues especially the Army Half Marathon is next week. My next 5km to the finish was a slow-paced jog and completed the race in 51mins.


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