Friday, January 20, 2006

New Precious!

I acquired these 2 New Precious in addition to my already big collection of Running Shoes!

Precious No. 1 Asics DS Trainer

Took this new babe for its virgin run... manz, was she HOT!!
Ran 15km in it in a rather warm n humid weather conditions last evening. I felt the Hot heats at the sole of my feet that were generated fm the shoes during run , i guessed the thinner cushion layer result poorer heat dissipation! A Quick Checked with Dream ( who has wearing the DS for a while), he mentioned that the heats will be minimum if one 's running posture is Correct. Guess i must start to adapt n practice proper Running Posture!

Precious No. 2 Asics Nimbus

I was hesitant to purchase this pair of shoes as it is rather heavy compared the Asics Cumulus model that i am currently wearing. As i am rather disappointed with the durability and workmanship of the present generation of Cumulus, i decided to give Asics Nimbus a try!

Took the precious No.2 out for 26km LSD runlast weekend and was very happy and satisfied with its fits and its excellent Cushions which more than compensated for slightly heavier weight!

2 comments: said...

i like the yellow colour on your number 1 baby :> almost as hot as my purple one! its not so much the heat that bothers me at the moment but the lack of cushioning which mite lead to probs for my knees.

DO said...

hello Run3... the DS trainers are designed for upto 21km distance... the cushion should be sufficient for most ppl ( especailly the petite shwe like U , should not be a problem)... May be U are using excessive forces during take-off at the forefoot... just my 2 cents worth!


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