Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tempo or Intervals !

Stadium tracks
This evening we did a 4km warm up run fm MF to QST stadium before doing 4 sets of "Tempo Run" Intervals.. 2km, 1.6km, 800m and 400m.

This was my first " Tempo Runs " in a group! I was expecting to run at my own comfortable Tempo pace for each set! haha... manz, i was Wrong as Usual!!!! With the horde instincts when running in group, fm the word "GO"... Everyone began running with great urgency and speed. As this was my Virgin Group's Speedworks Run, i was dragged along at their furious pace n speeds. I was running far beyond my anaerobic pace and soon felt the pains and strains... I think i heard Trainer Ong shouting 8min 38sec when i crossed the finish line for the 2km loop..... I was too absorbed in my own pains and breathlesness... to remember the rest of the timings for the remaining sets.. except the last set 400m was like 1 min 28sec!! It was definitely a truly Ultra fast glycogen depleting workout for me!!

The 4km cool-down run back to MF was back to the slower pace which i am well adapted! Haha.. when they said " If U want to run fast, U must train to run Fast!!"... heehee... they forgot to tell that these trainings are Tough and Furious Type!!!

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