Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Elements of Efficient Running!!


Here are the key mechanical elements of efficient running techniques:

* Initiate foot contact after the recovering leg has completed its forward swing and has begun to swing back under the body. Your Feet will mimic the forward swing of your hands. To reduce overstriding, don't let your hands swing out in front of your body.

* Land nearly flat-footed underneath a slightly bent knee!

* While you swing your upper arm back and up, bringing your hand to just above the waist level at your side, let forward momentum carry your upper body over and beyond your foot so that your hip and upper leg extend rearward behind your center of gravity.

* Let your backward-swinging upper arm lift your shoulder slightly, thrusting your chest forward and aligning your upper body as, in the sequence, your hip fully extends, your knee straightens, your ankle rotates and your foot levers off through the toes.

* During recovery, kick up the heel of your trailing leg toward your butt as your shoulder drops; swing your arm forward with your elbow bending slightly; and keep your hands close to the boby as it goes from your side, just above the waist band, to the heart height.

* Run with a compact arm swing, with your hands close to your chest .

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