Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mental Strength in Running!

Taz said "Running is definitely not only physical...but mental and to some...spiritual..... "

Saw his comment in my blog when i logged on after my last LSD run in preparation for March 5th, KL Marathon ... which happened to reflect my personal conflicts with my own "Mental Demons" this morning!

(Sunday's LSD run,
Location: Marina South - National Stadium
Type: Long endurance runRoute: Clubhouse -> Henderson Rd -> Harbourfront -> Keppel Rd -> Marina South (Marathon route) -> Shenton Way -> Esplanade -> Marina Promenade -> Nicol Highway -> Mountbatten -> National Stadium -> Kallang -> Crawford Rd -> Marina Promenade -> Esplanade -> Shenton way -> Keppel Rd -> Harbourfront -> Henderson Rd -> Clubhouse
Distance: 36 kmStart
time: 7.20 am)

Since joining the Mount Kinabalu Team's trainings 2 weeks ago, my trainings sessions have nearly doubled from 3-4 times to 6 times per week now.... The increased trainings sessions n hours , the physical strains n stresses on my body is beginning to surface as symptoms dry coughings during the night n also mild weight loss! The Nightly coughings have affected my needed rests, as such i only managed 3-5 hrs of proper sleep rests. Coupled with my own family n personal issues n worries .. i am under both physical n mental strains.....

Woke up this morning at 5am this morning with only 4 hrs rests !( due to the occasional but disruptive dry coughings through the night... sigh...) My Energy level was very low and mental confidence also at its trough! And 36km LSD run will be the longest n maybe toughest prior to KL!

Told Dream about my above concerns during our car journey to MF!!! As usual, he tried to comfort with some words of Encouragements n tips!

True enough my mental n physical weakness and "its Demons" made its appearance at the 20km pts near National Stadium.. when the sun began and rayed its hot UV rays on us and made the run much more difficult! My "Demons" was telling repeatedly to abandon my run early and to take a bus back to MF. Luckily, the toilet break stop at Indoor stadium, and i was able to pour water onto my head n bodies to cool down the temperature, and replenished n rehydrated myself.. I soldiered on and managed to reach our next water break near Marina Promenade! Again, my demons resurfaced and i told Dream n Teng Hou that i may end my run earlier at esplanade. They mentioned that we were about 10km away from MF. The run along the Promenade was not taxing as the route was very shady n cooler as such i was able to drag myself to final water break pt at Clifford Pier. Agained i Cooled and replenished my body at the toilet and brought n drank a Red bull energy drink !
We proceeded along Shenton Way and into Keppel road which again felt the full fury of the Sun !! Although, it was very hot as there were little shades along the long Keppel road, i felt re-energised as the red bull powers kicked in... with Dream probably slowed down his pace to let me tailgate him was another main factor in my winning the battle against my demons!
Thanks to my great running buddies and i was able to reach n complete the whole planned 36km route!

DO would like to add : " Running is definitely not only physical...but mental and to some...spiritual..... The Journey and its Adventures will be more Enjoyable, Fulfilling and Rewarding if one have many friends and buddies to share, encourage and motivate each other .... "


The Dream Runner said...

well done buddy... u have them demons slayed, leaving their bloodied bodies along Marina South and The Esplanade.

I did not really slow down to allow you to tailgate, as I was getting zapped up by the HOT HOT sun myself.

Time to take a good rest to taper down for our KL race.


T@z said...

Way to Go!!! Congrats in conquering your "internal demons".......

I guess what you need will be proper physical rest (mental rest will depends on how u deal with your other non-training stress) for the next 2 weeks before KL marathon.....time to reduce your training time and give your body more rest for recovery....

someone said "Sufficient rest is WAY to be faster. Overtraining is the WAY to be slower"

DO said...

Thanks so much.. Buddies! for yr concerns n advices!!


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