Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reaching Your Run Potential!

The key to reaching your performance potential lies in smart planning:

* Do the required training, refine your running technique and learn what to focus on to run efficiently!

* Plan and prepare imaginatively to meet not only the physical demands of the race but also the mental, emotional, functional, social, logistical, environmental and the technical requirements - and test your solutions in training and practice races.

* Base your race goals on your training progress. Don't expect to set a PR at a longer distance if you are not also faster at shorter distances.

* Break the race down into short, manageable segments, each with its own objectives. Meeting early segments objective build confidence for the later sections.

* During the race, focus on the things that you have control over: tensionless effort, stride length and frequency, arm swing, foot landing and push-off, audiogenics, imaging, hydration/nutrition, balanced posture, breathing and blood sugar management.

* Replace negative self-talk with postive, image-enhancing, energising words or when you are really tired, simply count your exhales.

* Become your own best training partner and friend, and talk to yourself accordingly - cheer for yourself, console yourself and celebrate with yourself!!! Seow!!

* Remind yourself that running is something you do, not who you are! A disappointing performance means only that you need to work on your preparation and execution strategies; it is not a reflection of your self-worth!

* Know that you are already special because there never was or will be another just like You!

haha.... Gotta RUN!!! Keep on Running!

Extracted fm P2Run

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T@z said...

this pic looks familiar!!!

running is definitely not only physical...but mental and to some...spiritual.....


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