Monday, March 13, 2006

Eventful March!

NTU Vertical Marathon

March is full of races and major running event for me, haha ... i feeling the strains just writing this post. Signing up for race events is the easiest thing.. but to prepare and do the necessary trainings to ensure that one does reasonably for the race... required commitments and time!
I think i m overstretching myself this month..... will try to relax n slow down in April to recuperate n refocus!

Completed Event..
@ 5th March- KL International Marathon - Completed < 3hr 51mins 54secs>
@ 12th March - My Virgin VM- NTU VM - Completed < 7mins 32secs, self -timed>

Next Events.....
@ 19thMarch - MF's Location Run - Location: Kent Ridge Hill - Mount Faber Hill .................. (1) Start: Safra Mount Faber (2) Depot road (3) Alexandra road (Queensway)(4) Portsdown (cross the highway to Kent Ridge)(5) Kent Ridge Hill (breakpoint at the peak)(6) Pasir Panjang road(7) Telok Blangah Way(8) Morse road(9) Mount Faber Hill(10) Telok Blangah Rise(11) End: Safra Mount Faber .......Distance: approx. 15 km

@ 26th March - Singapore Biathlon 2006

"With victory in hand, running at maximum effort becomes very difficult. Without some company in the difficult miles, the body's mission becomes lonely and dark." - frank shorter

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