Monday, March 27, 2006

My Singapore Biathlon 2006 Timing!

The Official Results !

Veteran Category... Positon 24 of 218 Particpants

20 1030 PETER DOUGLAS UK 00:45:52 00:01:03 00:43:34 01:30:28
21 225 LOO CHEE KEONG SINGAPOREAN 00:38:14 00:01:09 00:51:38 01:30:59
22 432 STEEN PUGGAARD DANISH 00:39:13 00:01:12 00:50:36 01:31:00
23 404 JOHNSON DAN JACOB SINGAPOREAN 00:39:01 00:01:18 00:50:53 01:31:11
24 242 ONG CHENG SOON DAVID SINGAPOREAN 00:42:39 00:02:11 00:46:55 01:31:44
25 264 NEO TECK HAN SINGAPOREAN 00:42:12 00:03:05 00:46:45 01:32:02
26 1019 LOH YEOW NGUAN SINGAPOREAN 00:40:52 00:01:18 00:49:57 01:32:07
27 399 HOLMBERG IVAN SINGAPOREAN 00:43:55 00:01:19 00:47:42 01:32:55


Completed my Third Singapore Biathlon on Sunday, 26th March 2006!

1.5km Swim Time .... 42mins 39sec
10km Run Time ...... 46mins 55sec
Transition Time ..... 2 min 10sec
Total Time ....... 1hr 31mins 44sec

This year i was expecting a very tough swim as i felt my swim preparation was not sufficient ! But , it turned out that the Sea conditions n the weather were both a lot friendlier that last year's!

Although, my swim time was about the same as last year, i did not feel the stresses n strains of the swim portion. In fact, my legs were feeling rather strong even after the 1.5km swim. Guessed i have learned from my experiences, my swim trainings are normally 1hr non-stop swimming to condition myself for the eventuality or real possiblility of spending more time in the sea due to bad sea condition.

I am very happy with my 10km Run time of 46mins.... hmmm... i guess that there is room for further improvement!

"Mind is everything; muscles, mere pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind." - Paavo Nurmi

Joined the guys n gals doing the full World Harmony Run after lunch at Marine Parade..... did a short distance from MP to Merlion.... enjoyed the comradeship n company of the fun loving seow runners...


2 comments: said...

wooo! great job :)

DO said...

R3..Thanks! Cya on April Fool Day! Pls ask Ken to join us, okie... He is a veri Nice guy.... Cheers!


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