Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Viva Marathoner! Vivien Tang!

Her 2004 SCSM's Winning Timings!
Position RaceNr ..Name ...............Rank Finish Time NetChip Time
...1 ......27 ...Tang Yoke Pin, Vivien 13 ..2:59:51.. 2:59:49

VT01 vt02
" In 2000, Tang clocked 3:51.00s at the London Marathon. She finished sixth(3:11.00s) at the Venice Marathon in 2002 and 12th (3:12.00s) at the Hong KongMarathon a year later. At last year's South-east Asia (SEA) Games in Hanoi, she came in sixth, clocking3:03.00s, a personal best. In April, she ran the Boston Marathon and finished in 34th spot in a time of3:05.00s. Tang, a remisier, has set herself a modest target of re-writing her personal bestof 1:27.23s for the half-marathon – set in the Gold Coast event earlier this year– in New Delhi.

Tang trained six times-a-week – sometimes twice daily "

Vivien sharing her experiences and views on running with us. It is my first direct face to face meeting with Viva Vivian Tang! This petite lady is a very kind and gentle person who is prepare to share her experiences and knowledges with amateur joggers like us... Thank You!

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