Monday, July 24, 2006

My MK's Trip Afterthoughts!

Since Dream n Kops have written a very good n detailed trip of our just completed training n recce trip there... so i decided not to bore everyone with a similar FR!

"The Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon has made its reputation as "The World's Toughest Mountain Race" is a true challenge to the spirit of human endurance. The race involves running up and down Mt. Kinabalu (4095.2 m)- Malaysia's First World Heritage Site, a total distance of 21 KM for both Men and Women category." ...

The above caption is highlighted in the introduction at its website! After this recce trip in which i climbed up and back down the MK twice in 2 days.. onli NOW .. i can fully appreciate n understand why it is branded as " The World's Toughest Mountain Race"!

Here is a sample photographical illustrations of the terrains and conditions of the Race Route so that u can judge for yourself on the difficulties n dangers of running down such route! Hmm... advise me on how to run down the MK without breaking all my bones within the time limits for this " DareDevils Sky Runners" Race !!!

Race Route
START .. Timpohon Gate (1866.4m) > Carson Fall >Kandis Shelter > Ubah Shelter(1.5km) > Lowii Shelter (2.5km)

TimpohongateTimpohon Gate

km7view View from the Top

mk06 mk05The first 3.5km Route fm Timpohon are mainly Muddy forest trails with lots of man-made steps as shown here.

Mempening Shelter > RTM station (3.5km) > Layang-Layang Hut > Vilosa Shelter > Paka cave Shelter (5.5km)


Paka Cave > Wara Hut > Laban Rata ( 6km) > Paban Rata Hut ( 3314.3m) > Gunting Lagandan Hut> Sayat-Sayat Hut (7km)


South Peak (7.5km) > Granite Plateau ( 7.5 to 8.5km) > Low's Peak ( 4095.2m , 8.72km)



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