Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Red n Hotz,Darling No 2!

SN red
Brought my second pair of Adizero SN after a search n hunt mission along the Orchard, finally found her at Heeren Adidas shop last Friday!

Took her out for a short warm-up run of 3km fm my nest to MK team's stairsclimbing trainings location at Bishan. Did 9 sets of 30 storeys there.. felt very light n comfortable in her comfy n cosy embracement! Then she lead n brought me back to our "love nest" after the climb... i feeling so lucky that i now have 2 darlings to provide so much TLCs to this golden boy!

This Beatles Song.. "Oh , Darling" especially for my darlings!

Oh! Darling, if you leave me
I'll never make it alone
Believe me when I tell you, ooo
Don't ever leave me alone

.. http://www.brianhartzog.com/beatles/beatles-song-lyrics-to-oh-darling.htm


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