Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gregory is the Youngest Loyal SCSM's Kiddy Dasher!


The Cute little boiboi in the picture is my nephew, Gregory Gan Kai Xu! Not the guy in Superman's suit (.. Hor!!..hahaha.. i dun know him!) but the little one in oversize addidas short! He is the youngest Loyal SCSM's Kid Dash participant since they started this run event for kids at the SCSM in 2004 according to the organiser, that was why he was specially invited to attend the SCSM Launch Event! He has participated in this Kid Dash yearly together with his 4 slightly older cousin!

Gregory mentioned that a little cute meimei ( the youngest Loyal gerger participant) was supposed to run with him... but she was very shy n cried n ran to her mum at that moment when the picture was taken.... haha... guess the attentions n crowd was too much for her!


The Dream Runner said...

he sure looks like a future SCSM Marathon record breaker... hopefully there will be a reunion of sorts with that youngest loyal gerger participant 16 years later...:)

DO said...

Dream... for the new generation... their marathon romances sure start very Young!! hhaahaa... can't imagine whether the golden boys can still continue to run marathons 16yrs later!!


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