Thursday, August 03, 2006

Real Runners Don't Jog!!

This interesting n thoughts provoking article on the differences between Real Runners vs Joggers... Please read the contents with a pinch of salts...with yr usual sense of humours, okie..!
What Is A Real Runner?
Real runners come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Obviously they like
to run. In fact, they are pretty serious about it. Real Runners are evangelists. They are
always trying to get others to run. They believe running is the solution to all personal,
economic, social and international problems. About this they are right.
A real runner likes to run. It can be in the rain or snow, up and down hills, in the
dark, alone, through traffic, early in the morning, and countless other seemingly bad
conditions. But it is running, therefore it is great!
Real runners are consistent. They usually don’t miss runs. Many real runners
have streaks of days, weeks, months or years in which they haven’t missed their
scheduled runs, miles, races, or running events. This is because to the real runner runs
are like meals. You can miss a few once in while, but they are essential to good health
and happiness.



T@z said...

look like....i am out of the league of realrunner...although i dun jog...but i walk..haha

Anonymous said...

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