Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Moments From MR25 30km P.Run

The MR25 3okm Runners.. Bug, Ultra, me, Alvo, Realrunner, Ronnie n Dream
MR2530km0602 MR2530km0605MR2530km0606MR2530km0607
MR2530km0614MR2530km0615MR2530km0616MR2530km0617MR2530km0618MR2530km0619MR2530km0620MR2530km0621MR2530km0622MR2530km0623MR2530km0624 The topless Golden Real 6 Pec Golden Boy is Victor, 54 years old!!! Young Ones dun call n think yourself as 6pec Hunk n go bare body unless u look like him, okie!!!!

I completed this 30km run in 2hrs 51mins.

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