Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ride to the Zoo with my Babe!

This morning i did my first LSD ride with my red hotz babe!! I was a little excited abt the biking trip to the zoo that i woke up a couple of times during the night... it is our maiden excursion together, u know!!
Carry her down to the void deck at abt 6am.. i was having some problems mounting her, so decided to do a warm-up ride around my neighbour before riding to the Zoo!
After the warm up, i felt more confident n comfortable riding her... onli then we proceeded to the Zoo.. Serangoon Central > Boundary Rd > AMK> OUTR> UTR> Mandai Rd > Zoo then U-turn to same way back to my Nest!
It was a cool morning with very little traffic on the road which was great for a novice cyclist like me. Faced n Climbed up the first small upslopes near Lorong Chuan without much difficulties then i thought i would faced as i am using the larger Front Chainset! Also, the traffic light near the slope was green , or else if i stopped.. i may just rolled back.
Then the troubles started when i have to stop at the traffic light along AMK, i fumbled rather badly when babe came to stop and when i have to dismount her .. i was clumsily and nearly tripped!!! The push-off was not much better.. the wheels n the handles were wobbly as my feet could not co-ordinated properly the pedals ... also having problem deciding which leg to start the pedaling!! People who saw my indeciveness n clumsy must have laughed the Heads off... Lucky, there was not a single biker riding near me through the whole distance close enough to witnessed them!!! I guess all the Real Bikers are now in Desaru for the HIM Tri event!!Fortunately, i began to get a little better in stop n start routine!
The route has rolling slopes especially at UTR n Mandai Rd.. my legs were okie but my lower back n butt were strained n were hurting!! They were very grateful that i took a water break upon reaching the zoo before i U-turned home.
The return trip was rather smooth, but i still have troubles when i have to make a full stop at traffic lights n then with Re-Start routine... i was just too clumsy with Stops n Starts !!!! Finally, Got back sound n safe in abt 1 hr 45mins except for a aching lower back, a numb right thumbs n painful butt!
1) I think my right leg is the stronger one.. it is easily to start pedaling with my Right!
2) The Italia Selle Seat may be too long or located too far front ( hmm.. already postioned it max to the back!), it may be the causes for severe butt pains n discomforts! Even the fabrics of my PI biking tights got caught by its long "NecK".

3) Legs are feeling pretty alright n okie after the ride.
4) Babe's Gears are reasonably smooth during changeover..

Overall, it was a Satisfactory Ride with my Red Hotz Babe to Zoo! Both of us are Happy this morning!


Anonymous said...

take it easy when the clip-on pedal. perhaps u need more practice especially when u stop at traffic junction and u are going uphill.
u might want to check your bike fit too. if u sit too far back maybe u should get a shorter stem.
ride safely!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry.. wrong info. longer stem i mean..


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