Wednesday, December 20, 2006

AngKor Wat Half Marathon, Done!

66 M 011 David Cheng Soon Ong M 16+ SIN 57 0:16:47 1:24:36 1:39:41 1:40:02

AngKor Wat Race Results

It was a Most Coolest , Comfortable n Fun Half Marathon i Ran... I started treating this run event with Fun Mindset... as the weather n race atmosphere was Great! After 12km i felt motivated n Strong, i began to run faster n overtook many other runners ... Completed my maiden AKW half in 1hrs 39mins 41 sec!

This Event on December 17th 2006 was held at the Scenic Angkor Wat area, one of the most famous temples ruins 9th - 13th century of the Khmer Empire era .

- The country of landmine which needs the artificial limbs the most -

Runner's Aid started in 1994 in Japan, as fundraising activities for the artificial limbs production in developing countries using a part of their entry fee of marathon. The activities called all the participants of people's marathon all over Japan.

In developing countries, 2 million children are suffered from polio, which already is brought under the control in developed countries. If they can wear the artificial limbs promptly, they will be able to walk.

The 10% of 12 million of Hansen's disease sufferers all over the world needs shoe shaped limbs. In Cambodia, as a result of internal fighting, there are many people who lost their limbs by the anti-personnel landmines. Cambodia has been strewn with more landmines than any other country, and every month hundreds are killed or maimed. Now the 3,500,000 maimed people out of 5 million from all over their world live in Asia, and need to exchange their prosthetic limbs every 3 to 4 year. However they have to produce by their own since Japanese products are too expensive... The director of Rehabilitation Center of Hyogo, Dr. Sawamura's idea of "Asia prosthetic limbs Center"is a plan to develop factories, machinery, and human recourse.

Today, runners's aid are now beginning to be common among the runner's events in west part of Japan. "Highway Run" took place in Kobe in 1992, and GISHI Run (which inspired by "GISHI" =artificial limbs in Japanese) are of the examples.

"Is there any way to fundraise in more direct and effective way to fundraise? Is it possible to hold marathon event within Cambodia? The 7 people's discourse (4 from Sankei Shimbun Newspaper, 3 from Cambodia) in Macau was hold from this very question.

In April 23 to 27 in 1996, 3 personnel visited Cambodia to research the situation. At that time, they were attended with soldiers with automatic rifles in their hands. Would it be guaranteed to hold safe event at all? Finally there was a pledge from the authorities concerned as "practice as a national event" which made the very first Angkor Wat International Half Marathon. This continues until today, despite of various disturbance such as an outbreak of coup d'etat.

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