Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday's Run

Lon road
Still feeling the aches n strains at the shin and quads from Tue Interval Runs... Despite of the strains, i had a reasonable good pace run tonite, guess my body is now more conditioned for Hill running then Speedworks! Again, good workout!!

For Thursday's run,
Location: Labrador Park - Mount Faber HillType: Hill running Route: Clubhouse -> Depot Rd -> Alexander Rd -> Labrador Hill -> Labrador Park (1 rd) -> Labrador Hill -> Telok Blangah Way -> Harbourfront -> Kampung Bahru -> Mount Faber (1 rd) -> Morse Rd -> Henderson Rd -> Clubhouse
Pace: 6 min/km
Distance: 14 km

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tempo or Intervals !

Stadium tracks
This evening we did a 4km warm up run fm MF to QST stadium before doing 4 sets of "Tempo Run" Intervals.. 2km, 1.6km, 800m and 400m.

This was my first " Tempo Runs " in a group! I was expecting to run at my own comfortable Tempo pace for each set! haha... manz, i was Wrong as Usual!!!! With the horde instincts when running in group, fm the word "GO"... Everyone began running with great urgency and speed. As this was my Virgin Group's Speedworks Run, i was dragged along at their furious pace n speeds. I was running far beyond my anaerobic pace and soon felt the pains and strains... I think i heard Trainer Ong shouting 8min 38sec when i crossed the finish line for the 2km loop..... I was too absorbed in my own pains and breathlesness... to remember the rest of the timings for the remaining sets.. except the last set 400m was like 1 min 28sec!! It was definitely a truly Ultra fast glycogen depleting workout for me!!

The 4km cool-down run back to MF was back to the slower pace which i am well adapted! Haha.. when they said " If U want to run fast, U must train to run Fast!!"... heehee... they forgot to tell that these trainings are Tough and Furious Type!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

New Nike Air Max 360!

nike 360

AIR MAX 360 . 27 years after the launch of Nike Air, and nearly two decades after the debut of Max Air, the revolution comes full circle. Thanks to an innovative process called thermoforming, Nike designers can now contour the Air-Sole unit to perfectly fit the upper, finally eliminating the need for midsole foam altogether. 50,000 test miles later, the Air MAx 360 proves to be the lightest, softest, most durable Air Max shoe ever - the ultimate expression of Air, for now ... links -->

Hope Nike really come out with a pair of Good Cushioned Running Shoes not just another Marketing / Fashion Type stuffs like Nike free!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

New Precious!

I acquired these 2 New Precious in addition to my already big collection of Running Shoes!

Precious No. 1 Asics DS Trainer

Took this new babe for its virgin run... manz, was she HOT!!
Ran 15km in it in a rather warm n humid weather conditions last evening. I felt the Hot heats at the sole of my feet that were generated fm the shoes during run , i guessed the thinner cushion layer result poorer heat dissipation! A Quick Checked with Dream ( who has wearing the DS for a while), he mentioned that the heats will be minimum if one 's running posture is Correct. Guess i must start to adapt n practice proper Running Posture!

Precious No. 2 Asics Nimbus

I was hesitant to purchase this pair of shoes as it is rather heavy compared the Asics Cumulus model that i am currently wearing. As i am rather disappointed with the durability and workmanship of the present generation of Cumulus, i decided to give Asics Nimbus a try!

Took the precious No.2 out for 26km LSD runlast weekend and was very happy and satisfied with its fits and its excellent Cushions which more than compensated for slightly heavier weight!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Kent Ridge Park Hill

Did a 16km with the MF guys and as usual started our run fm MF thru AV toward KRP. Running across the old railway near AV area and crossed the very scenic KR Treetop Bridge! ( my first time on the bridge! shall be back again) Then proceed to do a 2 1/2 rounds of the KRP hill! Return back to do one run up the MF hill before ending at MF clubhouse.

It was a rather tough run for me, i guess the 40 laps at the pool last night may be the cause for lethargy. Also, experienced some some cramps at the calf during sleep last night....

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Yeah, starting my swimming practice sessions in preparation for my 3rd Biathlon in March! Today was my second swim, i was to do 30laps by Breaststroke n followed by 10 laps of Frontcrawl. But, the water was so cold that i had to swim faster just to keep warm! Since my breaststroke was much faster, i rush to complete the 40laps of pool in 48mins! Lucky, i was in the shower room when the sky opened up Again....

Hmm... for the last few days, i have been running or swimming in heavy downpour n my body seems to be adapting well to the cold n wet conditions!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mount Faber!!

Thursday was my Virgin Run up the MF with great guys fm Safra! I beginning to fall in love with this MF hill run....

Today, despite of the raining... we did 20km++ run fm MF to Esplanade and ended with grand finale run up the MF hill... very cool and Shiokzzz!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!!!

Times sure fly!!! Today is the first day of 2006.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes Everyone!

My 2006 Running Objectives are rather modest and practical.

* Keeping on enjoying my Running and its adventures!

* To achieve my First Sub-4 Hrs Marathon.

* To stay Injuries Free.

* To enjoy the comradeship n share the joys of Running with my Great Running Friends.


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