Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mental Strength in Running!

Taz said "Running is definitely not only physical...but mental and to some...spiritual..... "

Saw his comment in my blog when i logged on after my last LSD run in preparation for March 5th, KL Marathon ... which happened to reflect my personal conflicts with my own "Mental Demons" this morning!

(Sunday's LSD run,
Location: Marina South - National Stadium
Type: Long endurance runRoute: Clubhouse -> Henderson Rd -> Harbourfront -> Keppel Rd -> Marina South (Marathon route) -> Shenton Way -> Esplanade -> Marina Promenade -> Nicol Highway -> Mountbatten -> National Stadium -> Kallang -> Crawford Rd -> Marina Promenade -> Esplanade -> Shenton way -> Keppel Rd -> Harbourfront -> Henderson Rd -> Clubhouse
Distance: 36 kmStart
time: 7.20 am)

Since joining the Mount Kinabalu Team's trainings 2 weeks ago, my trainings sessions have nearly doubled from 3-4 times to 6 times per week now.... The increased trainings sessions n hours , the physical strains n stresses on my body is beginning to surface as symptoms dry coughings during the night n also mild weight loss! The Nightly coughings have affected my needed rests, as such i only managed 3-5 hrs of proper sleep rests. Coupled with my own family n personal issues n worries .. i am under both physical n mental strains.....

Woke up this morning at 5am this morning with only 4 hrs rests !( due to the occasional but disruptive dry coughings through the night... sigh...) My Energy level was very low and mental confidence also at its trough! And 36km LSD run will be the longest n maybe toughest prior to KL!

Told Dream about my above concerns during our car journey to MF!!! As usual, he tried to comfort with some words of Encouragements n tips!

True enough my mental n physical weakness and "its Demons" made its appearance at the 20km pts near National Stadium.. when the sun began and rayed its hot UV rays on us and made the run much more difficult! My "Demons" was telling repeatedly to abandon my run early and to take a bus back to MF. Luckily, the toilet break stop at Indoor stadium, and i was able to pour water onto my head n bodies to cool down the temperature, and replenished n rehydrated myself.. I soldiered on and managed to reach our next water break near Marina Promenade! Again, my demons resurfaced and i told Dream n Teng Hou that i may end my run earlier at esplanade. They mentioned that we were about 10km away from MF. The run along the Promenade was not taxing as the route was very shady n cooler as such i was able to drag myself to final water break pt at Clifford Pier. Agained i Cooled and replenished my body at the toilet and brought n drank a Red bull energy drink !
We proceeded along Shenton Way and into Keppel road which again felt the full fury of the Sun !! Although, it was very hot as there were little shades along the long Keppel road, i felt re-energised as the red bull powers kicked in... with Dream probably slowed down his pace to let me tailgate him was another main factor in my winning the battle against my demons!
Thanks to my great running buddies and i was able to reach n complete the whole planned 36km route!

DO would like to add : " Running is definitely not only physical...but mental and to some...spiritual..... The Journey and its Adventures will be more Enjoyable, Fulfilling and Rewarding if one have many friends and buddies to share, encourage and motivate each other .... "

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reaching Your Run Potential!

The key to reaching your performance potential lies in smart planning:

* Do the required training, refine your running technique and learn what to focus on to run efficiently!

* Plan and prepare imaginatively to meet not only the physical demands of the race but also the mental, emotional, functional, social, logistical, environmental and the technical requirements - and test your solutions in training and practice races.

* Base your race goals on your training progress. Don't expect to set a PR at a longer distance if you are not also faster at shorter distances.

* Break the race down into short, manageable segments, each with its own objectives. Meeting early segments objective build confidence for the later sections.

* During the race, focus on the things that you have control over: tensionless effort, stride length and frequency, arm swing, foot landing and push-off, audiogenics, imaging, hydration/nutrition, balanced posture, breathing and blood sugar management.

* Replace negative self-talk with postive, image-enhancing, energising words or when you are really tired, simply count your exhales.

* Become your own best training partner and friend, and talk to yourself accordingly - cheer for yourself, console yourself and celebrate with yourself!!! Seow!!

* Remind yourself that running is something you do, not who you are! A disappointing performance means only that you need to work on your preparation and execution strategies; it is not a reflection of your self-worth!

* Know that you are already special because there never was or will be another just like You!

haha.... Gotta RUN!!! Keep on Running!

Extracted fm P2Run

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Elements of Efficient Running!!


Here are the key mechanical elements of efficient running techniques:

* Initiate foot contact after the recovering leg has completed its forward swing and has begun to swing back under the body. Your Feet will mimic the forward swing of your hands. To reduce overstriding, don't let your hands swing out in front of your body.

* Land nearly flat-footed underneath a slightly bent knee!

* While you swing your upper arm back and up, bringing your hand to just above the waist level at your side, let forward momentum carry your upper body over and beyond your foot so that your hip and upper leg extend rearward behind your center of gravity.

* Let your backward-swinging upper arm lift your shoulder slightly, thrusting your chest forward and aligning your upper body as, in the sequence, your hip fully extends, your knee straightens, your ankle rotates and your foot levers off through the toes.

* During recovery, kick up the heel of your trailing leg toward your butt as your shoulder drops; swing your arm forward with your elbow bending slightly; and keep your hands close to the boby as it goes from your side, just above the waist band, to the heart height.

* Run with a compact arm swing, with your hands close to your chest .

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy V-Day!!!

"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her."

"If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were."

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give -- which is everything."

Running's Poetry in Motion!

Running posture

" Touch down soft- ly,
.......L....... R...... L ...R

( Make foot contact under a bending Knee )

Float over gent- ly
....L..... R .....L.... R

( Don't pull yourself, but let yr forward momentum carry you over your feet )

Reach back,
....L...... R

( Reach back with your Elbows to thrust your chest forward and align your body for toe-off)

Extend Off,
.....L...... R

( Push off from well behind your body )

Fly, fly, fly. "
...L... R... L

Extracted fm " Programmed to Run... by Thomas S.Miller,PhD

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mt Kinabalu Climbathon Trainings!

Mk Climbathon2
I hv been included in NTUC training team preparing for the Mt Kinabalu Climbathon in September!! Trainings starts this Sat at MR!

The Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon is the World Toughest Mountain Run. Starting at Timpohon Gate at 1800m to 4095.2m on the summit of Low's Peak, the ascending run is about 9km,through mountain rainforest jungle trail and the last 2km, wide open granite plateau.A normal tourist would take between 5 to 6 hours to reach Laban Rata, the base camp at 3300m asl. And another 2 to 3 hours the next morning to reach the summit. For people like you and me, that's about inside 9 hours to touch peak.But not these mountain runners. The best runner would take roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the summit, and another 1 hour or so to reach the finishing line. While the ascend run is about 9km, the descend run is longer by 4km.


Monday, February 06, 2006


Heard so such about the ChiRunning, i went to Kinokuniya to purchase this " Revoluntionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running" by Danny Dreyer at $26.38.

“ChiRunning makes running a smooth, comfortable flow- the easy, perfect exercise it has always seemed it should be” – Body and Soul Magazine

• Run injury-free for the rest of your life
• Increase efficiency and reduce your effort
• Increase your speed by relaxing your legs
• Finish a pain-free marathon and look forward to running again!

For beginners and competitors and practiced by thousands of runners, ChiRunning combines modern physics with the ancient wisdom of T’ai Chi to create a running form that is easily learned and makes running more effortless and enjoyable.

More... here is the Link..

Friday, February 03, 2006

Hill Running Increase Risk of Injuries?

" Hill training ranks among the best training for three basic reasons, one of them less obvious than the others. Climbing hills is hard work and tests both the heart (cardiovascular training) and the legs (strength training). You can't get a better combination.
Running uphill also lessens the impact force of each footfall. Impact force is a major contributor to the overuse injuries that trouble many runners. This means that there is less risk to training hard on the hills several times a week than there is to training hard on a track or other surface. Many coaches and distance runners realize this and use hill training to great benefit. (Be careful running downhill, as this increases impact force and injury potential.)As with any kind of new workout, you should begin hill training easily and gradually. The simplest hill workout is a medium-distance run that includes several good hills on the route. If you live in a suburban neighborhood with many roads, you could find a hilly street and loop up it several times on your run. "


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