Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Virgin Lactate Threshold Test!

Received this week training menu from Trainer Ong.. Lactate Threshold Test was planned for us on Tuesday! Haha... i immediately shot out a email to him asking for more details abt the Test... hehe.. i m alway stressed with things get too "Testy" as i consider myself as a Fun Runner!

Ong Sifu's Reply was short n sharp.. " For tomorrow, just take it as the 2.4 km IPPT. But our distance is 3.2 km. After that, i can calculate your maximum performance for various distance & the correct pace to train in order to improve.
My aim is to bring you above your PB. Treat this as the first time trial."
In simpler term, DO come n run till puke at the finishline.. haha.. DO Run yr guts Out! I dare not ask him further for more details.. in case i get Scolded n me "Chicken Out"!! DO dun like Intervals.. everyone at Mf know that DO is alway not ard during interval trainings!

It is my first formal LT Test, i was quietly very curious n keen to find more before my puke session. Mentioned abt the LT test at Sgrunners Forum, Richy, Wildcat , Philip n Brokie were there to enlighten me.. hmm.. except Brokie.. hehe.. in her usual demeanour..guess she provide more confusions than answers!!!! I think i understand n like Richy's contribution...
"Neuromuscular endurance relates to our mental capacity to stand muscle pain during tough workouts or races. Large amount of lactate acid is produced during heavy workouts (eg. races). Lactate acid in your blood causes pain & makes you feel tired. So think neuromuscular enduranceof it as "software", or one's will power - because a lot of it is mental.

More often than not, for most runners - the "hardware" (body) is already there, but the "software" (will) is lacking. Which is why you often hear of runners being able to run a 2.4km in 9mins++, but unable to run a Half Mara within 1hr45mins. It is easier to take pain over a short period of time, than it is over a long period.

Therefore the most common way of improving one's lactate threshold (ie. how much pain you can take), is to do interval training."

Since achieving sub 4 hrs for my recent marathons n sub 1hr 40min for Half, i know that it is more difficult to make improvements to further PBs.. Unless i incorporate some Speedworks to my trainings! Well.. "If you want to run fast, you have to train fast."
It was raining heavy yesterday but when i reached MF ...the rain stopped... haha.. no more excuse to avoid the Test! We did a slow 4km warm-up run to Queenstown Stadium. I took a pee n had a sip of tap's water at the stadium's gent to release some of the buildup stresses n worries!
Trainer Ong gave a pre test briefing n more test details... Shortly, after he sent us out to do the 8 laps ard the stadium.. I was running in the fore-pack with fast runners like Hou, Derrick. I was even ahead of Bug n Dream in the first few laps. Haha... I knew that i was running too fast.. will pay the price later. When i crossed my 6 laps mark, heard Ong Sifu shouted 10 min 18sec! It's time to Speed Up... at least , that was my intention, but the legs n heart were not co-operating.. the faster interval runners like ronnie, jimmy,dream n others started to overtake me!!! I tried very hard to narrow the gap... but, i hit my Lactate Threshold!!! I just can't run any faster! Crossed the 3.2km mark in 13min 52 secs! I felt like dying.. puking... all those bad feelings re-ignited my memory on the reasons why i alway try to avoid Intervals Sessions!
With this LT test result, i would now have a Solid Basic to properly pace myself in my training n interval sessions without running blindly n dragged along by the faster runners. I anxiously await Trainer Ong's Computation to determine the optimium pace n target timings to maximise my efforts during the training runs of various distance!
Now, I will have a more structure n scientific approach to my run training.. I getting more Excited n Motivated!!!!
Chopchops n Babes out there.. look out for the New Re-Borned DO ... hopefully, more Speedy!

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