Monday, May 21, 2007

I DNF .. haha.. my first for a competitive race!

For my maiden Duathlon, I DNF!!! Hahah... it's the first competitive race event that i ever taken part that i din completed!!

Using my running shoes on Look Cleat Pedal was bad decision. I was biking comfortable at ave 27kmh for the first bike loop with just one or two incidence of my running shoe sole slipping n sliding off pedals.
But, Wobbled badly at the Shenton' way's U-turn when the shoe/pedal slippage occurred again, frightened a fast biker behind me!!! I guessed the wetness at shoe sole n the pedal caused the loss of traction. Sadly, the slippages occurred more frequently during the 2nd loop .. every time i tried to increase my cadence. After crossing the Shenton's U turn area n witnessed a crash n an accident during this loop, i finally decided to DNF, as i dun want to be Cause for more incidences.

Became a part of the supporting crowd n cheering for the participants thereafter... I found that it was much more fun .. haha... My sincere admiration for all the Finishers in this very Hot Duathlon Race!!!

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