Friday, June 27, 2008

Acupuncture Works?

Sprained my left ankle slightly when i joined the GSS 's wild crowd to shop for gift ! Confirmed i am a poor shopper!!

the Morning After, I was limping slightly. Decided to give acupuncture a try! Actual fact, i am more interested if acupuncture will help resolve my prolong foot metatarsal pains that have made her return after sundown 84's hibernation!

Went to see Yu Sinseh, Yueqi TCM located Bedok North Ave 4 Blk 84. The gentle n kind looking Physician with a strong beijing accent runs a one man show. He see the patients, provides the treatments like acupuncture n such, dispenses the Chinese Herbs and collects the fees!! Waited 45mins for my turn and explained to him abt mild sprained ankle n also my chronic foot pains. I was expecting to look at my foot , instead he attentively took my "pulse" first! After examining my ankle n foot, he explained that my ankle sprained is mild . While the foot's pains are due to 炎症,风 meaning Inflamation i think. He suggested acupuncture treatment for immediate relieve n medical herbs to blood circulations to the feet. Haha.. like all the doctors, advise me to run less and rest more between runs!!! I did the acupuncture treatment, he placed a needle at my shin area n 3 more needles on various points on the feet. No painful, just a "small bee sting" sensations. I was made lying with the needles for more half an hour, almost fell asleep! He woke me up, took the needles at Shins off. I was made to walk along the corridor with the remaining needles still in place as he observed n nodded with a smile. I refused the Herbal Medications as i dun know how to brew them.

I was told to rest for a few day! hahaa.. Dream jio-ed me for I Run that evening, i went and Ran!! No Ankle pains.. the foot pains no longer at the usual spots and have shifted closer to the toes areas?? Acupuncture Works??? Well, i am not Sure, but, it does no further harms!

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