Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KimChi's 2 Birds with One Stone!!

Haha... don't know what happened!!! I already registered for these 2 Korean Marathons which are one week apart!! More of my Running Kakis going Kimchi as well!!!
2008 Chosunilbo Chuncheon Marathon
Start : October 26(Sun), 2008, 10:00 A.M.
Distance : Marathon(42.195km)
Course : Chuncheon Main Stadium - Lake Euiam - Chuncheon Main. Stadium (Loop Course)
Qualifications : Any man and woman above 18 years old
Entry fee : 40,000 won
Time Limits : 5 Hours
The City of Chuncheon, once the capital of the old country Maek, is located at the joining point of the upper stream o f the Han river and the Soyang river, and also surrounded by lakes on three sides, thus boasting of the naturally beauti ful landscapes. Furthermore, with the population of 185,000, Chuncheon is the seat of Kangwon provincial office, functioning as a provincial center of administration, education and culture.

JoongAng Seoul Marathon
Venue : Seoul
Date : Sunday, November 2 , 2008
Start & Finish : Jamsil Main Stadium
Start Time : 8am
Race Route ... Jamsil Main Stadium → Lotte Department Store → Chunho 4-way intersection → Gildong 4-way intersection → Doonchon 4-way intersection → Olympic Park 4-way intersection → Tanchun Bridge → Suseo Station → Siheung 4-way intersection → Areum 4-way intersection (turning point) → Siheung 4-way intersection → Suseo Station → Tancheon Bridge 1 → Samjeon 4-way intersection → Jamsil Main Stadium

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