Sunday, June 08, 2008

Passion Run 2008!

Here is the revolving CloseUp.. Very Interesting!!! Thanks, amaranthine!!!
Did the Passion Run this morning. Nice Weather for running. I was in the Wave One, the run was very smooth, did not face blockage like i experienced at last year's run. The race was well organised, Great Job by the The Run Organiser , Geylang Serai.
I was planning to run at steady even 5 min pace for this run. Less 3km into the run, i began panicky and was confused that i can't maintain this pace. Even Though, i was running within sights of faster runners like Trevor, Runalone, Dream and Ayin. All the Slow n Long Sundown Ultra training runs, must have slowed me, so i thought!!!! After losing sights of the fast runners, the famous n super fast Ultramarathoner, RR3 caught up with me. I happily trailed him with pride to the finish. Completed the Race in abt 1h 16min. ( on target, i guessed the distance markers in the early stages of the run were not properly placed .)
My Official 15km Passion Run 2008
Position 98 Bib 1262 David Ong 00:25:16 01:04:30 01:16:30
Dream n myself took a quick shower soon after our run. In dry n comfortable clothings, we positioned ourselves near the Finishing Area.. It was very fun cheering on the other runners!! ( haha.. the Pictures tell it All). Dream did well in catching those moments with his speedy n trusty cam!!
My Lucky Day too... Won my first Lucky draw prize at a running event.. one complimentary facial spa treatment n one free sport massage with physio consultation session. Hehee.. finally, got to practice my heavenly massage skills on a shwe meimei!!!


The Dream Runner said...

Have you managed to track down the shwe meimei who had the honour of getting your 'heavenly' massage?

DO said...

Dream.. Hehe... YES.. will let u know her identity.


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